Utilizing Ghost BW Badge

I was recently approached by another NFT team to create badges for their teams. While working on this project, I decided to revisit and redesign some badges I had previously made.

These badges are not for sale, and I have only created around 40 of them. My intention is to utilize these badges as a unique form of community-building or for in-game awards, perhaps within a ghost-themed game.

I am happy to offer these badges for free to our community members, with the only requirement being to cover the shipping cost, as I am not financially able to handle that aspect.

As a preliminary idea, I was considering making those who have acquired badges from past offline Korean events eligible for an airdrop. To stay connected and relevant, participants could post a picture of their previous badge alongside the new ghost-themed one on social media platforms to qualify for the airdrop. This is just a rough idea, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

What do you all think? How can we best utilize these badges within our community?

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If using this is a bad idea. Im keep it all. lol

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Im keeping some for me. Also.

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Lovely Badges. I will come up with the idea soon and share.

Great idea! Would you willing to be in-charge? Or you want others to be in-charge?

Cost(shipping and making) could be handled by our treasury if we define what could we do with it and who’s gonna be in-charge

40ish badges is already on the production, and the cost is on me. After I’ve received the badge, excluding some for me, I’m willing to let this badge to go on to DAO, whatever the team decides.

It will be helpful if the treasury handled the shipping fee after where the badge needs to go with the DAO’s decision.

Also, I wouldn’t be in charge of deciding how to use this badge for tthe community. dI want others (more for DAO to be bit more specific) to be in charge.

If it requires some extra production, treasury could take that one too. It’s around 80cents (5 CNY) per one to make.

Just a simple thoughts.

  1. Next IRL
    We can use these badges for the next IRL
    and ship some of them to international holders
    ( shipping every single badges would cost more than producing the badges so personally think that is inefficient)

  2. Bounty Program
    If you want your badges be more meaningful and rare, we could ship badges to whom acquire first 5 or 10 bounty program badges.

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This is a good idea but it’s not for all but only for the badge holders.

Sounds good to me, if not enough people gives some idea, I’m willing to give most of to the council and council could decided where to use (like next IRL, or NFT some random city or ETH some random city you know).

Plus, I do also think it’s not good to let the previous badge holders to get the next badges. But on the otherside, those badge holders could also treat them as people who came to the IRL events and even paid extra money to fully enjoy the events. (YGY / Cochang’s Exhibition) = Which should be treat them as VIP under my point of view.

But tbh, I don’t really have strong idea that’s like “this needs to get pass through”. If other thinks not, i will follow the others.


For future IRL would be the best case to use this badges.

it looks good ,what is it made of.

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Maybe a combination of the two.
Like a reward for the irl event with bingo or quiz game and distribute 10 ish.
And also reward the badges in the bounty program so that non-korean people can also have a chance to receive the badge. (Since the current irl event and most likely upcoming irl events will be held in S.Korea.)

For sure. That’s a great idea. When we run IRL next time. We can have some airdrop event for international holders too

Pure another idea, if it’s for sale, does anyone think this will have any potential to grow this as an official merch done by Ghostsproject DAO? I got my chinese folks ready to produce hella lot.

DAO should focus on building our own culture and explain it to others. Currently we are not going to sale some merch to create profit.

DAO shouldn’t be in charge of selling merch but you can get an “official ghosts project” logo usage through voting process then you can be in charge of managing and selling your own merch.

I think the approach to the merch should be like that of Nouns DAO where holders get funded from the treasury and make march by themselves to spared the IP to the broader audience. Sometime proposer can take specific portion of profits or fund if necessary.

I highly recommend someone to initiate the such process of making Ghosts march through the fund.

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I will leave it as DAO to decided.

No more opinion from me!

P.s. badge is done. Coming before May