GIP 7: Official GhostsProject logo usage at ‘Ghoference’

Title of the proposal: GIP 7: Official GhostsProject logo usage at ‘Ghoference’

Category : Community support & decision : Art creation & support

Kudos : Ghost #6566, Discord ID : Lovewelchs#3632

Abstract : Request for usage of GhostsProject official logo at the community-driven event, ‘Ghoference’

Discourse: GIP 7: Official GhostsProject logo usage at ‘Ghoference’


There are a lot of talented people inside the GhostsProject community. They enjoy discussing current and future issues of NFTs and Web3, and engage in various activities based on the community. Hosting a conference -A ‘Ghoferece’- in which GhostsProject community members share their most down-to-earth experiences in the NFT/Web3 scene will be an opportunity to celebrate and promote the talents of GhostsProject community members. The logo will be used to promote Ghoference in various mediums.

Timeline: Ghoference date - 2022.09.24 (Sat), at Creators Club, B1, 126, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Ask: N/A

Accountability: Lovewelchs#3632, Kimmykim#4510, Onely#8888


Yes: Approve usage of the logo
No: Reject usage of the logo

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A conference of both online and offline! I think it’s going to be so much fun. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Only 1 person can be on Kudos. Also, please state the # of Ghsots.

Please remove “GIP6” at the title as it will be numbered by DAO WG.

Please add url => GIP 7: Official GhostsProject logo usage at ‘Ghoference’

All done! Let me know if I can do something more

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Checked! It’s all good on my side :slight_smile:

Thanks for organizing the event! If you like to proceed with the current proposal, please ask for an official review at discord!