Weekly Meetings 2023/03/19

  • Time : 2023-03-19

  • Meeting Member : Davidd, Onely, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan, RooRuuRii

  • DAO Voting In Progress

    • GIP 19 : GhostsProject Bounty Program
      Ends : Mar 24, 2023, 12:00 PM
  • Post-voting Process

    • GIP 17 : (Urgent) Treaasury Portfolio Adjustment
      Did not Passed the qurum, Treasury portfolio will be remain as before

    • GIP 18 : Ghoference Season2 (IRL event)
      The vote passed with a “Agree with the budget support”, then 3.8eth was withdrawn from the Treasury to support this IRL event

  • WIP (Work In Progress)

    • Ghoference Season2 (IRL event)
      Estimated visitors : Offline 112, online 20
      IRL Head Moderator : Onely
      IRL volunteers : RooRuuRii, Tonyhan, Soja + 3 more volunteers
      Merch : Merchandise is in production
      Online : Screening test will be done prior to the event date

    • Ghosts Project Emergency Framework
      Davidd designed the first draft and Tonyhan will upload “Emergency Framework” within a week

  • Ideation

    • Treasury Portfolio Adjustment
      After “Ghosts Project Emergency Framework” is done, Treasury Portfolio Adjustment will be handled next.

    • Increase user pools in Ghost Projects discord
      Ghosts Bar (Korean community) ↔ Discord chat
      After Ghoference Season2 is done, this Ideation will be handled.

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