Weekly Meeting 2023/04/03

  • Time : 2023-04-03

  • Meeting Member : Davidd, JM, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan, RooRuuRii, Soja

  • DAO Voting In Progress N/A

  • Post-voting Process

    • GIP 19 - Bounty Program
    • GIP 20 - Mutlsig reimbursement - will be resubmitted in a different formt
  • WIP (Work In Progress)

    • Bounty Program (new Ghogame)
      Holders are unlikely to be aware of the bounty program. The program needs to be marketed more aggressively when executed.
    • Capsule NFT
      Marketing is on its way from Capsule NFT side but might need more push.
    • New Partnership Inquiry
      The call is scheduled for next Tuesday.
    • Council/WG R&R Reconstruction
      The council’s rolls and responsibilities are too broad and vague.
      It would be better to have a specific list of actions within the current R&R.
      After breaking down and allocating the roles to each member, core contributors can share what they did and are going to do in Sunday weekly meeting.
    • GhostsProject Emergency Framework
      Additional framework for the emergency situation such as stable coin depeg.
  • Ideation

    • Treasury Portfolio Adjustment
      After “Ghosts Project Emergency Framework” is done, Treasury Portfolio Adjustment will be handled next.
    • Increase user pools in Ghost Projects discord
      Ghosts Bar (Korean community) ↔ Discord chatAfter Ghoference Season2 is done, this Ideation will be handled. ⇒ David will research this agenda item