Weekly Meeting 2023/04/23

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023-04-23
  • Meeting Member : Davidd, Soja, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan, JM

Discussion in Progress

DAO Voting in Progress

  • N/A

Post-voting Process

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New R&R (Role and Responsibility)

WG & Council Role and Responsibility
Onely - Partnership - PR & Marketing - IRL management
RooRuuRii - Community Management - IRL management
Lovewelchs - Contents planning and operations - Deliverables management - Mirror ghostsproject management
Tonyhan - Project management - Snapshot and Proposal management
Davidd - Inbound Partnership - Governance/DAO Framework
JM - Bounty Program management - SNS management
Yuuya Key - Bounty Program support
  • Vault and Soja will formally resign from his position at WG and Council
  • WG and Council’s R&R is re-designed
  • Owing to the expansion of the Council’s role, individual salaries will be adjusted. However, the total salary allocation will remain unchanged due to the resignations of Vault and Soja.
  • Additional proposal will be uploaded

WIP (Work In Progress)

WG & Council Last Week WIP This Week WIP
Lovewelchs WG R&R develope, Ghosts Meet Ghosts ideation Ghosts Meet Ghosts ideation & develope
Tonyhan Redesign WG and Council R&R structure Re-build WG and Council R&R structure
Davidd Synthesis, RVDO, Mushsang, Capsule NFT, Gblsts, Doodles DAO Research Synthesis, RVDO, Gblsts, Mushsang,
JM Collected Snapshot data, created delegation guide Pre-Bounty(Typical Office Hours) operation

Synthesis Meeting Note

  • Delayed - The team mentioned a lack of art resources, so they requested that we initiate marketing efforts first.
  • For the Whitelist (WL), it might be possible to proceed without a proposal, allowing us to receive and advance the project beforehand.

Re-Be World

  • The team wishes to pass the proposal by the last week of April, so it was received on an urgent basis and posted on the forum.
  • Onboarding and organizing an event using RVDO could provide significant value.

Capsule NFT

  • The announcement and shared photos were posted - Although exposure was limited, it was better than not sharing at all.