GhostsProject x RVDO(RE-BE WORLD) Collaboration

Title of the Proposal : GhostsProject x RVDO(RE-BE WORLD) Collaboration

Category : Community support & decision: Utility as an Avatar

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Discourse :

Abstract :

  1. Re-Be World is an NFT project by Paulus that aims to reduce industrial waste and carbon emissions in content production by providing a virtual platform for content creators to unleash their imagination.

  2. RVDO is a mobile solution for 3D video creation that enables anyone to easily create their own imagination with their own IP, while supporting NFT integration.

  3. Ghost holders can use RVDO to create video content with their 2D Ghost assets, expand their brand and collaborate with others, as well as have potential for secondary creation using their IP.

Rationale :

What is Re-Be World?
리비월드 로고 white

Re-Be World is an NFT project launched by global creative agency Paulus to redefine the advertising industry by reducing the amount of industrial waste and carbon emissions produced during content production.

With a total of 10,000 lands, Re-Be World is a space where content creators can create anything they can imagine, defining an entirely new concept of virtual platform space.

Re-Be World Homepage:

What is RVDO?

RVDO is a mobile solution for 3D video creation developed by Re-Be World. - The website is still being updated.

It dreams of a WEB3 world where anyone can easily realize their own imagination with their own IP, thus it developed RVDO solution for this purpose.

RVDO is a solution for creating videos using Unreal Engine 5’s powerful real-time rendering as a cloud service. Users can find the content they need from a variety of templates using a search algorithm. The editing process is completely non-linear. Even if a user is not an expert in filming or video editing, you can easily create high-quality videos.

Most importantly, user can connect their own NFTs to RVDO. RVDO supports metamask and phantom wallet connections. NFT holders can use the IP of their PFP NFTs as 3D assets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, a character, a meta human, or anything else. RVDO can create it all, and the possibilities are endless.

What can Ghost Holders do through collaboration RVDO?

  1. Produce video content using Ghost Avatar as a 2D asset

Ghost holders will be able to easily create their own 3D videos with the 2D Ghosts as ornament. Holders can open up possibilities for expressing their WEB3 personas in videos and share their created content freely on media platforms such as Twitter.

  1. Expansion potential of secondary creation using IP

Being able to produce videos with your own character is like expanding the world view with richer narratives, meaning an infinite possibility of secondary creation using IP. Holders can start their own businesses based on Ghost IP and easily create the necessary brand films to promote their business purposes.

  1. Brand expansion and collaboration

The numerous video contents created by community holders will increase brand recognition and realize the potential of viral marketing. The more video contents are created and shared in the community, the more the Ghost project can be expanded. In addition, this can create opportunities to collaborate with other brands in WEB3 and WEB2.

Timeline :

The RVDO solution is expected to officially launch in June after beta testing from April to May 2023. While 2D Ghosts will be supported for now, future 3D Ghosts if produced will be also supported later.

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Accountability: Davidd#2959, Re-Be World


Yes - Approve the collaboration

No - Do not Approve the collaboration


Sounds like a good idea.

Do we have a sample?

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OMG I hope it gives the community more to be more exciting, good idea.

Uploaded the sample photos!

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is this collaboration or partnership? is there any difference between collaboration and partnership?

This one should be collaboration. I define the partnership as action of pursuing common goal/objective through specified actions in longer term whereas collaboration is more about amplifying the utility and value of Ghosts and counter-party through a single event.


Wow Oh my god, it’s amazing,:hushed::hushed::cold_sweat: