GIP 4 : GhostsProject Shoe Collaboration with Openblox

Title of the Proposal: GhostsProject Shoe Collaboration with Openblox

Main Category + Sub Category: Community support & decision: Others

Kudos : Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959

Abstract :

GhostsProject Shoe Collaboration with Openblox proposes the collaboration with Openblox to make GhostsProject customized shoes that are fully functional in Runblox, which is an M&E Game in Openblox’s ecosystem. Total of 50 shoes will be created under the official GhostsProject’s name; 20 shoes for free airdrop and 30 shoes for WL.



  • Executing collaboration with the project that consistently builds its product with a solid and versatile community pool can expose GhostsProject to the diverse pool and bring a fresh inflow of users
  • Openblox, an NFT Gaming Platform focusing on Play and Earn and IP Branding, that leverages one set of Blox NFTs and tokens across all games in the OpenBlox universe, propose collaboration with GhostsProject by creating collaborated shoes in Rubnlox, a mobile-based fitness game on Avalanche that integrating real movement and NFT
  • Openblox Team, backed by ****MZ Web3 Fund, Shima Capital, 3CommasCapital, Jump Crypto, Digistrats, etc, and partnering with growing guilds including RDG, Ancient8, Good Games Guild etc, has the deep and strong tech and gaming experience from top-tier firms including Tencent, GameLoft (#1 Mobile Video Games Developer), Bytedance, and are experienced in blockchain and DeFi. Core team members each have an average of 10+ years of relevant experience in blockchain, tech, or game development. Experience of the game dev: PUBG Mobile, OUTCAST WORLD, The Legend of Three Kingdoms
  • What is Runblox?
    • Move & Earn: earning $RUX tokens while users are walking or running;
    • BloxVerse: RunBlox is not a separate individual product; it is part of the OpenBlox’s world - BloxVerse, and has interoperability with all the games built-in BloxVerse
    • Web3 lifestyle product: An app offers not only full ownership of your digital assets, but also provides rewards to encourage a fit lifestyle, and indirectly pushes users to pursue a low-carbon lifestyle

Proposal Details

  • A total of 50 collaborated shoes will be produced
  • 20 Shoes for free airdrop, 30 shoes will be on sale but at a 10% discount rate from FP of the day before the minting day. (FP at $500~550)
  • For 20 Free Airdrop shoes, winners will submit their ghosts and shoes will be customized based on the design of the ghosts submitted. Winners will be chosen through an event hosted by GhostsProject WG. *There will be 90 Days Lock-Up Period
  • For 30 Shoes that can be purchased at a 10% discount rate by winning WL given by Runblox, they will be ghostsproject themed. WL winners will be chosen through an event hosted by Openblox.
  • All 50 shoes will be Normal Type but classes will be given randomly
  • Both GhostsProject and Openblox will do cross-marketing on Discord and Twitter.
    -Attached Shoes Designs are just example of customized shoes.

Benefits for GhostsProject from Openblox Collaboration

  1. Exposure to a more versatile community
    a. Openblox community is composed of users mainly from Japan, China, and Europe whom GhostsProject can reach out to expand the community pool
    b. GhostsProject is the first project that Openblox cooperates to make collaborated NFT. GhostsProject x Openblox x Runblox can be recognized and introduced to next potential collaborators as a successful example, which will open a further door for Ghosts to be exposed not only to the Openblox community but to the broader pools

  2. Potential increase in sales volume
    a. As exposure to the broader community pool accelerates and attracts new holders, we can expect a larger potential increase in sales volume considering the virality of the space
    b. Owning a ghost is the prerequisite for participating Airdrop Raffle which may induce people to purchase ghosts to join the raffle as the financial upside that can be acquired from winning the shoes is higher than the initial expense.


7/22~29: Snapshot

8/1~8/7: Marketing Period

  • 8/1~8/4: 20 shoes Airdrop Event byGhostsProject
  • 8/1~8/7: 30shoes Sale Event By Openblox

8/15: Airdrop and Sale
*Schedule is subject to change

Ask: N/A

Accountability: Davidd#2959

Voting Option:

Yes, Accpet the collaboration

No, Reject the collaboration