GIP 6: GhostsProject Composable NFT Shoe Collaboration with TRACER

  • Title of the Proposal: GIP 6: GhostsProject Composable NFT Shoe Collaboration with TRACER
  • Category: Community support & decision: Others
  • Kudos: Ghost #1150 / JulyMarch#0055
  • Abstract:
    • This proposal is for GhostsProject Composable NFT Shoe Collaboration with TRACER. TRACER is the most sustainable Move-and-Earn web3 fitness lifestyle app where you can earn rewards in tokens or NFTs. With this collaboration, TRACER will create 3D-GhostsProject theme shoes that are fully functional in TRACER. 1000~2000 shoes will be created as the GhostsProject X TRACER collaboration shoes.

*The images above are sample images of collab shoes.

  • Discourse: GIP 6: GhostsProject Composable NFT Shoe Collaboration with TRACER

  • Rationale:

    • What is TRACER?

      • TRACER is the 1st ‘non-ponzi’ M2E on web3. TRACER’s 3D NFT shoe is composed of 4 NFT shoe parts, and anyone can express their individuality. TRACER’s sustainable tokenomics is made by collateralizing web3 profit with NFTs & web2 profit with tokens, plus deflationary social-games and composable 3D NFTs. Web2 profit BM is made by ads and selling user data to insurance companies, plus in the future, we sell users’(wallets’) geolocational data as oracle data.
      • TRACER started CBT(Closed Beta Test) on June 30th. During our CBT phase, our 4-week retention is higher than 80%. TRACER has 30K community members in Twitter, which will make inflow to GhostsProject’s community with this collaboration.
    • What are the shoe part NFTs in TRACER? and what are the GhostProject shoe part NFTs?

    • Who will create the collaboration shoes?

      • TRACER’s artist “Dorodaro” will create 3D-GhostsProject version NFT Shoes
  • Proposal Details

    • Total supply for the collaboration shoes: 1000~2000
      • The rarity of shoe parts: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
        • Same as the usual TRACER NFT shoe parts
        • Rarity ratio will be shared when fixed
    • 10 Free Airdrop shoes
      • Winners will be chosen by GhostsProject & TRACER WG.
    • 200 WL shoes
      • Winners will be chosen by GhostsProject WG & TRACER WG.
    • Both GhostsProject and TRACER will do cross-marketing on Discord and Twitter before minting
      • The mint date is scheduled for the 3rd week of September (It can be changed)
    • Tracer is planning to use the IP of GhostsProject’s official title, logo, emblem for the actual collaborated shoe parts
  • Benefits for GhostsProject from TRACER Collaboration

    • TRACER has no breeding, so there’s no inflation issue or a sharp drop in FP. Additional shoe NFTs can only be supplied by participating in the T-Raffle(same as WL), a regularly held TRACER shoe NFT raffle. The distributed supply at each raffle event is dynamically determined by various factors such as the number of non-shoe holders. After minting the genesis NFT for 10,000, TRACER will regularly mint new NFTs every 2~4 weeks depending on the user’s demand.
    • GhostsProject X TRACER collaboration shoes will be the first collaboration of the TRACER shoes. These collaboration shoes will get a special symbolism of the “First”. The collaboration shoes will get super hype in the TRACER community, so many users will struggle to get the shoes WL to buying GhostsProject NFT. The inflow of the new holders will arise the trade volume of the GhostsProject NFT.
    • Global users on TRACER can inflow to GhostsProject. TRACER community is composed of many users from Japan, Russia, India, and so on(45% of the total community).
  • Timeline:

    • Marketing Period: Starts in 5 days when the proposal is passed. Runs for 1~2 weeks.
    • Winner Selection Event: During the Marketing period.
    • Sales Period: 3rd week of September
    • Airdrop Period: After the sale


  • Timeline adjusted from September to Q4 2022, due to delay of product development and community conditions.

  • Ask: N/A

  • Accountability(Discord ID): Inf#7049, JulyMarch#0055, dorodaro#8441, Lennny#5954

  • Voting Option:

    Yes, Accept the collaboration

    No, Reject the collaboration


Oh it’s so good , and should have something real for us to wear.

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Nice try. :wink: Hope this collaboration goes well

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Looks nice!!:heart_eyes: I love the fact that you get more and more collabs :slight_smile:

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You mean merches? That sounds great!

Please remove “GIP6” at the title. It will be numbered by DAO WG


Thanks for the well written proposal and amazing art work!

However, would like to classify the copyright ownership when creating the Ghosts part.
According to the picture 6/7(ghost inspo), part is created using Ghosts#0000, which is possible as ghostsproject is CC0.

But the components from Modern Life Is Rubbish(check the attached screenshot) is not owned by ghostsproject DAO where Tracer needs to ask permission from MrMisang.
So please check out through the artist.

스크린샷 2022-08-29 오후 3.42.35
스크린샷 2022-08-29 오후 3.42.47

Would like to suggest to use ghosts traits, official GhostsProject logo and emblem as a shoes part which can be claimed through the DAO proposal.

Community support & decision: Others
- To make proposals that don’t fall into any subcategories go here
- Usage of GhostsProject logo, emblem, and “Official” title of this category’s proposal

Lastly please add this detail in Proposal Details if Tracer is willing to use GhostsProject official title, logo, emblem through the collaboration or to create shoes part.

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Great point.
IMO, As the images states that it is an example image which is to help understanding of audiences and present the designer’s inspiration of how the collaborated shoes will look like, I think it would be alright if they state “Tracer is going to use GhostsProject official title, logo, emblem for actual collaborated shoes ” in Proposal details as you mentioned.