Weekly Meetings 2023/09/03

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/09/03
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan

DAO Voting in Progress

  • N/A

Post-voting Process

  • GIP28: Crypto Art Seoul Community Partnership Event
    • Detailed will be described in Onely Ideation Section

Ideation 및 기타 논의

  • David
    • Paraverse Partnership is initiated with the narrative that Ghosts arrived in Gangnam through portal during the some cuts of fragments.
      • How can we visualize and build story? Hire an artist specifically for this? Then How much?
    • Tracer Partnership - Fragment Idea
      • Tracer Shoe Design is made by artist DoroDaro (Also ghost holder)
      • So what if we build a story that his ghost was some kind of shoe maker in the original Ghosts world (we can start from #5,10,56 and say he was one of the crowd)
    • Going to few game/nft events if time allows - Explain what ghostsproject do as DAO when it comes to expanding IP
  • Tony
    • Fragment Extension plan (5-cut cartoon)

  • Our DAO is seeking Web3 NFT artists to create a 5-panel cartoon that serve as a bridge between our ‘Ghosts Projects’ NFT series and the ‘Burning Souls’ NFT collection. The specific details of the project are at the artist’s discretion. We are offering a payment of 0.1 ETH for the completed 5-panel cartoon, and ownership will transfer to our DAO upon purchase. Unfortunately, our attempts to contact the winner of our last ‘Ghosts’ art contest have been unsuccessful, as the account has been deleted. We are actively searching for suitable artists and hope to finalize arrangements as soon as possible

  • Lovewelchs

    • Completed a t-shirt sample utilizing the Ghost Project IP. Judged the quality to be very good. Plan to produce 25 copies of A and B and sell them to the community. We don’t want to make a profit, but we want to make a case by uploading it through the proposal and applying for a fee.
  • RooRuuRii

    • Schedule the posting of Twitter content related to the “fragment” worldview
    • One content will be posted every two to three days during the month of September
      • Week 1: about MLIR
      • Week 2: Meaning of Ghosts project tinting (discs, magic glasses)
      • Week 3: Ghost’s Memory
      • Week 4: Fragments and Their Ending
  • Onely

    • Crpyto Art Seoul(Ideation → Proposal)
      • The proposal is passed well.
        • will be provided the information about the participants
          • Try to create the content related to CAS.
            • Their feelings and Anything correlated with ghosts project
    • CAS Operation with some participants who can help us.
      • Supporting the content creation
    • KBW event participation to find potential partners for Ghoference Season3