Weekly Meetings 2023/08/27

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023.08.27
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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WIP (Work In Progress) - thoughts this week?

  • Tony

    Four-cut or eight-cut Cartoon with various artists
    This time, we won’t be holding an art contest, as I want to create a more personalized experience not only for our Ghosts Project community but also for a particular artist who is willing to participate. Instead of spending a lot of time selecting someone, I’ll choose an artist. I will then provide a format for the artist to follow. This format will consist of a four-cut or eight-cut cartoon based on a theme that connects the “Ghosts Project PFP or Fragment” with “Burning Souls.” The artist will have the creative freedom to weave a story that bridges the “Ghosts Project” and “Burning Souls”
    To foster a more personal experience not only for our community but also for the artist, I plan to conduct an interview in a Q&A format. Once the interview is complete, both the four-cut or eight-cut cartoon and the interview will be uploaded to our Mirror website
    At present, I’m considering a price of 0.1 ETH to inherit the Cochang’s exhibition. This price can vary and is negotiable. After running a pilot, I will upload a forum to engage in a discussion.

  • Lovewelchs

    • Merch / T-shirt
      • In our mission to expand Fragments, I think it’s important to continue to create relevant merchandise on a regular and irregular basis, but most importantly, the community and I need to really want to buy it, so we need to make it in small quantities and with high quality, and we’re not trying to make a profit out of it. Furthermore, I have to figure out how to distribute shirts to community efficiently. and how about holders live abroad?
      • I also imagined what it would be like if Fragments became a merchandise and apparel brand. The drawing of the Mr.Misang seems to fit into Hiphop category.
  • David

    • Every Partnership serves to expand GP story
      • Like Current Paraverse Partnership can be tailored in following narrative
        • When Fragment #116 happened, few ghosts were transported into other dimension (Gangnam Four way). And all of them started to build “Ghosts City” with their glasses
    • Defining DAO looking through the lens of last NFT Bull Market
      • DD - September
      • Format - One Research Paper
  • RooRuuRii

  • Onely

    • Ghoference: Decided to postpone after KBW.
      • There are around 160 side events. So, I think it’s hard to get many participants in our conference and the most important part was recruiting speakers, but I couldn’t do this well as I expected.
      • Changed KPIs during KBW
        • Introduction Ghosts Project and see potential guests.
        • Seeking sponsor.
        • Considering co-hosting with art projects/team (will try to meet some of them)
      • Please connect me and anyone if you find someone who has any interest in Ghoference or a sponsor.

KBW Events

The Gateway Korea

Official ERC-6551 Meetup: NFTs and Identities by Spacebar and Tokenbound.org · Luma

BEYOND SEOUL @ PEACHES by Trippy Labs & DeGods & Factblock · Luma

Web3 Gaming Unplugged: Champagne Night · Luma

Web3 Night of Entertainment · Luma

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