GIP 29 : 5-cut cartoon to bridge inbetween ghosts project and the burning soul

Title of the Proposal : GIP 29 : 5-cut cartoon to bridge inbetween ghosts project and the burning soul

Category : Community support & Decision : Others

Kudos : Ghosts #5456, t0nyhan

Abstract :
This time, we won’t be holding an art contest, as I want to create a more personalized experience not only for our Ghosts Project community but also for a particular artist who is willing to participate. Instead of spending a lot of time selecting someone, I’ll choose an artist. I will then provide a format for the artist to follow. This format will consist of a four-cut or eight-cut cartoon based on a theme that connects the “Ghosts Project PFP or Fragment” with “Burning Souls.” The artist will have the creative freedom to weave a story that bridges the “Ghosts Project” and “Burning Souls”

Discourse :

Rationale :
Our DAO is seeking Web3 NFT artists to create a 5-panel cartoon that serve as a bridge between our ‘Ghosts Projects’ NFT series and the ‘Burning Souls’ NFT collection. The specific details of the project are at the artist’s discretion. We are offering a payment of 0.3 ETH for the completed 5-panel cartoon, and ownership will transfer to our DAO upon purchase.

To initiate the 5-cut cartoon series, I have selected Mr. Onday. His ongoing contributions to the ghosts project have showcased his remarkable ability to create artwork that seamlessly integrates with our project style.

Quorum : Gho 1


Yes: Approve 5-cut cartoon payment budget

Np: Reject 5-cut cartoon payment budget


Thank you, for the opportunity ,I love the ghost project.

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