GIP 30 : Expansion of Ghosts Fragments : Anecdote

Title : GIP 30 : Expansion of Ghosts Fragments : Anecdote

Category : Community Support & Decision — Others

Kudos : davidd2959, Ghosts#1014

Abstract :

This proposal suggests the initiation of Fragments Expansion, which is the backbone of entire GhostsProject world, through the DAO structure that enables (thanks to blockchain) permissionless participation of community members who want to contribute and become part of the story. With building FR Expansion platform where FR Expanded Artwork can be proudly exhibited along with original FR, I suggest for DAO to build environment for next 6months that anyone can join to expand FR and be confirmed as official part of FR Expansion Story with DAO governance.


Decentralization is inefficient from nature as it chooses three core values of censorship resistance, trustlessness, permissionlessness over efficiency ; thus it requires clear answer of why we need decentralization and how we are going to utilize these core values.

DAO is new form of organization that leverage these core values of decentralization in order to build entity/community where governance (decision making process) is not owned by centralized group of people but open to everyone who has aligned vision. But other than literal and conceptual definition of DAO, the practical term and execution/operation process of DAO has been largely undefined and tend to be somewhat ceremonial term as many projects choose DAO as their organizational structure but ended up neglecting specific justification of “why it has to be in decentralized form”. GhostsProject was no exception from it. Well, more precisely we did have “Why it has to be DAO” but has been lacking of “so how we are going to do it”.

After many trials and experiments since the birth of DAO, there was one clear agenda aroused that needs to be resolved ; “so why really DAO?.

Fostering art and encouraging community participation in executing this in DAO form is “ideally great” but the questions are “is it worth it to choose DAO structure with this somewhat vague established goal?”, “Can this be in other organizational structure?”.

Without answering this questions and settling more specific direction/goal of DAO, “Decentralization” is just great ceremonial post (Clarification, this is not the problem that only GhostsProject is facing but many other DAOs do).

Expansion of GhostsProject Fragment : Anecdote

I propose for DAO to focus on expanding the story of Fragments, the backbone and history of entire GhostsProject world.

Unlike traditional IP structure where fans/community are passive entities when it comes to the expansion of IP’s story as there is no permissionless and trustless entry point, under DAO structured IP can provide the environment where community can have a voice and total soverignty on the world of their favorite IP.

As GhostsProject has the concrete world based on Fragments that is undoubtably one of the most comprehensively structured story in Web3, applying DAO structure to give community sole power to control this story by expanding and deciding the branches of it through Ghosts NFT can create vicious cycle that leads to richer and more innovative contents of expanded Fragments which can attract broader audiences into Ghosts community, which will eventually increase the value of Ghosts NFT as governance token and art itself.

  1. We have amazing story of Ghosts in Fragments and it is even comparable with other famous IP regardless of Web #.
  2. By expanding the story of Fragment through permissionless environment where artists can freely submit their work to be official part of Fragments and community vote for it.
  3. As the story of Fragement itself got richer and the action of “voting” for what should be official part of Fragment becomes meaning ful, our Ghost NFT which is the digital toy and voting right for DAo will be more vaulable.
  4. The increase in value of Ghosts NFT is meaningful in that it is proportional to the “Security of DAO” just like blockchain. In blockchain, if one acquire more than 2/3 of circulating tokens, he or she can literally take over the chain itself and decide what’s the canonical chain; this is why value of token matters so no one easily take over the chain. Same logic applies to DAO. Higher value of governance token means that DAO has more secure governance as it becomes harder for someone to halt DAO.

One of the example of FR Expansion is recent Mr.Oneday’s art → GIP 29 : 5-cut cartoon to bridge inbetween ghosts project and the burning soul

Community participation isn’t the new concept but blockchain enables the concept even a step further.

One of the great example that we can refer to is “SCP Foundation”.

SCP Foundation is simply a fictional secret organization where its world is fostered by collaborative-writing wiki. First launched back in 2008 and being operated for 15 years, SCP foundation and its community has been expanding its world through community driven writings/tales including many diverse genres such as horror, science fiction, fantasy, and etc.

Fans/community can write and create on SCP Wiki, which is the landing page for SCP foundation and available in 16 languages, not only limited to the written stories but in various form of media such as comics, video games, and animated short films.

Why SCP Foundation has been successful and sustainable with community engagement?

  1. Creative Freedom: Contributors have a wide latitude to create content, as long as they adhere to the established lore and guidelines. This fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among community members.
  2. Collaborative Environment: The wiki format allows for collaborative writing and editing, with an active forum for discussion, feedback, and improvement of the content.
  3. Decentralized Governance: The SCP community operates with a decentralized power structure. Although there are administrators and moderators, the community as a whole has a significant say in major decisions.
  4. Strong Cultural Foundation: The SCP Foundation has a rich and expanding lore that provides a cohesive thematic base for contributions, enhancing continuity and the shared universe’s believability.

I believe that GhostsProject already satisfies #4 with Story/Culture that have been built through Mr.Misang’s art and community driven events.

We do have some part of #1, #2, #3 but they could be greatly improved by defining structure that artists and community can permissionlessly participate in the expansion of Fragments by amplifying their creativity and collective effort this increase value of our governance token.


Fragment is currently made of total 187 cuts where each of them is unique NFT. Detailed visual or front end UI of how expanded Fragment will be exhibited is tbd but we can imagine a structure something similar to this.


Other than defined story of 187 cuts in Fragments, any artists can create additional cuts for Fragments and upload a proposal for their cuts to be official part of Fragments. More precisely, those cuts are not to be included in between existing Fragment cuts but rather becomes branch of Fragments and become official “anecdote” of ghosts world. Something like this,


For example, Mr.Oneday’s art Economist Ghost can be one of the official ghost character/persona that has his own story and anecdote within the GhostsProject World. As more artists participate in this process, we end up getting more branches and Ghosts World become more richer/vibrant.


Requirement, Structure, Timeline

  1. FR Expansion Platform

    Current website is purely designed to explain ghostsproject and portray original Fragments. In order to foster the participation of Fragment expansion, artists’ work should be exhibited in a form of where people can tell that they are the official part and branch of original Fragment.

    The current website should transform into a collaborative space / platform where artists and community can interweave new step of Fr Expansion. This new platform will be designed to foster artistic contributions, enrich our story, and strenthen community bonds. Imagine a realm where creativity is limitless, and every contribution shapes our evolving narrative. The ‘Fragment Expansion Platform’ will be more than an addition; it’s the becrock of our future, turning every participant into a co-creater on this excting journey.

    Specific details of transformation should be discussed, but expected budget is around 4~5eth at current price. Asked budget for this will only be charged from treasury once the details are confirmed and remaining funds (if occured) shall be returned to treasury.

  2. DAO Research for Restructuring DAO

    As we focus on ‘Fragment Expansion’ as our core, restructuring DAO into a form that fits it into our new objective and diversifying our DAO’s engagement is necessary to achieve.
    DAO research is not only elucidate our DAO’s structure but also to explore and learn from other successful DAOs like Nouns DAO, Maker DAO, and Arbitrum. Generally, DAO governance encompasses three key stages: forum-based discussions, temperature checks via snapshots, and on-chain voting. I suggest to dissect these processes across various DAOs to understand their governance models and identify benchmarks that could enhance our own structure.
    This journey should start from research, but the ultimate goal is to refine our DAO structure, especially as we transition to the ‘Fragment Expansion Platform.’ A revamped DAO structure will align better with our evolving theme and objectives. Findings and insights should be shared through articles on the Mirror platform and engage the community through both online and offline discussions. This approach will not only deepen our community’s understanding of DAOs but also attract those interested in DAO systems to our project.

  3. FR Expansion Operation

    Even though the power of expanding story through community participation has been proved in Web 2 space, applying the concept into Web3 and specifically within DAO system is yet to be pioneered. Thus building initial structure for expanding Fragments (including FR expansion platform), conducting DAO research, recruiting early participants, and marketing what our DAO is working for next 6months are compulsory.

    Along with the duty that WG & Council is bearing for DAO, they will be also in charge of FR Expansion Operation. Details are listed below,

    Davidd (Working Group)

    • FR Expansion Management
    • Discord management and other inevitably centralized account management
    • DAO Research : Governance and DAO framework

    Tony (Council Leader)

    • Snapshot and proposal management
    • DAO research : research other DAO to find out our best benchmark and revising Ghosts Project DAO structure
    • FR Expansion Management

    RooRuuRii (Council)

    • Frgament Expansion Platform
    • Fragment Expansion and DAO Research
    • Community Event Management
      • Ghostbar


    • DAO Operation Management
    • Content Creation
    • Community Participation(Community, Event, Conference)

    Total budget for operation will be $20,400 ($850 per person during 6months). However, I propose to use 50% of payment to buy Ghosts NFT in floor every month in order to secure the value of it as governance token which will enhance the security of DAO and foster DAO governance engagement.

    Also all WG & Council members will be responsible to share some form of contents related DAO research and Fragment expansion whether in the mirror or Twitter once a month.


    1. Round Based Expansion in the beginning

      Even though Fragment Expansion aims for total permissionless environment, it is practical to initiate with round-based system where DAO curates specific artists who can participate in Expansion. I expect the round system lasts until around 1st ~ 2nd quarter.

    2. Cost

      During round system, participated artists will get paid equally if their works are agreed by DAO through vote to be part of Fragments. The specific amount will be addressed with separate proposal. I expected this amount to be potential standard when whole process turns into permissionless structure.

    3. Payment Method

      Payment will be made in Ethereum. Details process will be identical with current governance process.

    4. NFT

      Art for Fragment Expansion will be minted as NFT. Artists will mint their own NFT and DAO will collect after the payment process. But as alignment with Fragments, all works should be CC0.

    Timeline (Could be adjusted)

    • January
      • Round based Fragment Expansion starts
      • Website Transformation task starts
      • DAO Research
    • March
      • Website Transformation completes
      • Round based Fragment Expansion continues
    • June
      • Permissionless FR Expansion starts

    Ask: 5eth (FR Expansion Platform) + $20,400 (FR Expansion Operation)

    Quorum: Gho 2

    Accountability :
    WG & Council


    Yes: Approve FR expansion budget

    No: Reject FR Expansion budget

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