Weekly Meeting 2023/12/18

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/12/18
  • Meeting Member :
    David, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan

As we move forward from the initial roadmap of the Ghosts Project, our focus remains on strengthening our community, a commitment we’ve upheld through various initiatives like art contests and local gatherings. These efforts have brought us success and also highlighted an opportunity for deeper narrative engagement. This insight is crucial as we pivot to our next phase.

We’re excited to announce two major strategic directions that will guide us in the mid to long term:

‘Fragment Expansion’ - Enhancing the narrative depth and richness of our project.
‘DAO Research’ - Delving into the dynamics of decentralized governance to empower our community further.

Before diving into the specific roles of the working group and council in these initiatives, we wanted to share these overarching goals. They symbolize not just the evolution of our project but also our dedication to innovatively engaging and growing our community.

‘Fragment Expansion’
we propose a tranformative approach for the DAO to elevate the story of Fragments, the cornerstone of the Ghosts Project world. Traditional IP strcutrues often see fans as paasive observers, but our vision offers a revolutionary change - a DAO-driven IP where the community has full sovereignty and a direct voice in shaping the world they love
community participation in storytelling isn’t new, but blockchain technology takes it to unprecedented levels. Consider the SCP Foundation as a prime example. This fictional organization has thrived on a collaborative-writing wiki since 2008. Over 15 years, its community has vastly expanded its universe through various genres, including horror and science fiction, across multiple media forms like comics and video games.
The Ghosts Project, anchored by the richly structured story of Fragments, stands as one of the most intricate narratives in Web3. Implementing a DAO structuer will empower our community to direct and diversify the story, creating a self-reinforcing cycle that enriches Fragments. This expansion will not only draw a wider audience but also enhance the intrinsic value of Ghosts NFTs as both governance tokens and art
Our vision includes the creation of the ‘Fragment Exapnsion Platform’ on ghostsproject.com. We will tranform the current fragment page into a collaborative space where holders can interweave additional narratives. This platform will be desinged to foster artistic contributions, enrich our story, and strenthen community bonds. Imagine a realm where creativity is limitless, and every contribution shapes our evolving narrative. The ‘Fragment Expansion Platform’ will be more than an addition; it’s the becrock of our future, turning every participant into a co-creater on this excting journey.
We are actively working on establishing the guidelines for the ‘Fragment Expansion Platform,’ drawing from our experiences with previous art contests. Currently, we are in discussions with developers to assess the time and resources required to transform our existing website into this new, exciting platform. Once we have finalized these details, we will promptly share the updates and addtional proposals in our forum for further community input and discussion.

‘DAO research’
As we focus on ‘Fragment Expansion’ as our core, we also recongnize the improtance of diversifying our DAO’s engagement beyond just artists. To achieve this, we plan to intiate a DAO research project as our second step. Despite our project being currently managed by a DAO, we’ve observed that many holders are not fully familiar with DAO concepts and operational principles.
Our goal is to not only elucidate our DAO’s structure but also to explore and learn from other successful DAOs like Nouns DAO, Maker DAO, and Arbitrum. Generally, DAO governance encompasses three key stages: forum-based discussions, temperature checks via snapshots, and on-chain voting. We aim to study these processes across various DAOs to understand their governance models and identify benchmarks that could enhance our own structure.
This journey starts as research, but the ultimate goal is to refine our DAO, especially as we transition to the ‘Fragment Expansion Platform.’ A revamped DAO structure will align better with our evolving theme and objectives. We plan to disseminate our findings and insights through articles on the Mirror platform and engage the community through both online and offline discussions and sessions. This approach will not only deepen our community’s understanding of DAOs but also attract those interested in DAO systems to our project.