Weekly Meeting 2023/11/05

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/11/05
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan



  • FR Expansion timeline/task is needed
    • Timeline for Webset : TBD
    • Assuming it takes 3 months, what specific tasks are needed?
      • Community Building :
        • Redefine or precisely define Community? Not holders but actual groups who loves the IP and can contribute
          • Grouping artists? What’s the effective of
      • Marketing/Narrative :
        • What are we working on / What’s the justification of it
        • Holder → Community → Vicious cycle
      • FR Expansion Process / Managing
        • Website
        • Participation Process (Criteria and etc)


  • As we conclude the initial roadmap of the Ghosts Project, our focus has been to cultivate a robust community presence through a series of initiatives, including but not limited to art contests and local meet-up events. Notwithstanding these successful engagements, we recognize a discernible limitation in narrative expansion, which prompts a strategic inflection point for our venture.
    In response, we have crafted a comprehensive mid-to-long term strategy that is essential not only for sustained growth but also for the incremental enrichment of our brand story. It is with this foresight that we proudly introduce our next strategic pillar: the ‘Fragment Expansion Platform’
    This platform represents a transformative endeavor to augment the value proposition of the Ghosts Project and Fragment NFTs. It is envisioned as a proprietary ecosystem that will invite and incubate continuous artistic contributions, thereby propelling the evolution of our narrative and fortifying the community around a shared and vibrant storyline. This initiative is set to be a cornerstone in our ongoing mission to not just exist, but to thrive in the dynamic NFT space


  • From the council’s point of view,
    What do we do before/after “Fragments Expand” website?
    Nowadays, the atmosphere in the NFT scene

    • Trading Volume is decreasing.
    • The number of people participating in this scene is decreasing.
    • The frequency and activeness of the community/informative content are decreasing.
    • But it’s still potential.
  • Phase1: Before Website

    • Regular jobs as we have done for a few months.
    • Ideation of the preparation for the coming website for expanding fragment brands.
    • Try to upload ideas on the Forum/Discussion and encourage people to throw each idea from the community. (And also the council needs to suggest some ideas.)
    • Fragment/Ghost - based arts creation
    • List up the potential artist’s list with Mr. Misang.
    • Offline/online event plan, operation
  • Phase2: After Webstie

    • Regular jobs as we have done for a few months.
    • Write an onboarding guidebook for potential partners.
    • Try to recruit highly qualified artists who meet our needs.
    • Except for the artist’s side, regarding operation what can we do as a council?
      • Operational functions
        • Information Delivery
        • Creating a Guideline
        • Communication
        • Business Development
        • Partnership


  • Due to lack of interaction and spreadability, it is expected that SNS will be needed in other ways than fragment
  • Create an Instagram account to publish fragment stories and promote them


  • I’m building a feature list for the ghost project homepage. I’m envisioning a grid of 5 columns, with images made up of various grids forming a mass that moves block by block. The images don’t move individually, they move block by block, and other pieces can’t break the grid of that piece.

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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