Weekly Meeting 2023/11/13

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/11/13
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan

  • David

    • FR Expansion Discussion Upload

    Discussion : Permissionless Expansion of Ghosts World/Fragments : Anecdote

    • FR Expansion Tasks
      • Marketing/Recruiting Artist Community
        • Recruit Initial Artist Pool for FR expansion
        • Marketing/Branding FR expansion
      • Building Narrative on FR Expansion
        • Contents - Twitter/Article
        • Website - Visualizing
      • FR Expansion Structure Setup
  • Tony

    Simply we are strategically pivoting to unlock the full potential of our ghost PFPs. Our overarching goal is to enrich our fragmented narrative, which demands a dedicated platform for art exhibition and community revitalization. While Discord offers flexibility, the need to attract and engage a broader spectrum of artists calls for a more sophisticated, professional platform, like a custom-designed website. This shift is not merely aesthetic but functional, facilitating a comprehensive restructuring of our DAO to focus singularly on narrative enrichment.

    In parallel, we are re-evaluating our marketing approach, especially within the nuanced Web3 space where traditional tactics falter. Our strategy will evolve to prioritize forging meaningful relationships with artists and immersing ourselves in the art community, bridging the gap between Web3 innovation and Web2 familiarity.

    Acknowledging the complexity of enhancing community engagement within our DAO, we understand this is not uncharted territory. However, its successful execution hinges on meticulous planning and targeted execution.

    Here are the lists that we should or could be our strategy

    1. Platform Development and Integration

      Building a bespoke, interactive website that not only showcases art but also fosters community interaction and story development.

    2. DAO Restructuring

      Aligning our DAO’s structure with our strategic goals, focusing on narrative expansion

    3. Marketing and Community Outreach in Web3 and Web2 Crafting a dual-channel marketing strategy that leverages the strengths of both Web3 innovation and Web2 outreach to build a diverse, engaged community

    4. Artist Engagement and Collaboration

      Establishing synergistic partnerships with artists, creating a collaborative ecosystem that contributed to and benefits from our evolving narrative.

    5. Community Participation Enhancement

      Developing initiatives that actively involve our community, encouraging participation and feedback to shape the direction of our DAO.

    Each of these strategies is designed to interlock and reinforce one another, creating a cohesive, dynamic environment where art, story, and community coalesce into a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem


    1. Platform Development Risks
      • Technical Feasibility Developing a sophisticated, user-friendly platform can be technically challenging and resource-intensive. Ensuring robustness, scalability, and security are key concerns.
    2. DAO Restructuring Complexity
      • Restructuring the DAO to focus on narrative expansion requires careful governance planning to ensure that decision-making remains efficient and democratic. also there is a risk that not all DAO members will agree with the new direction. Mitigating this requires transparent communication and possibly some form of consensus-building or voting mechanism
    3. Marketing Strategy in Web3/Web2
      • Navigating Dual ChannelsWeb3 and Web2 marketing strategies can be complex. There is a risk of diluting the brand or confusing the message if not executed cohesively. Also determining the return on investment for marketing efforts, especially in the relatively uncharted territory of Web3, can be challenging.
    4. Artists Engagement and Collaboration
      • Aligning Interests Ensuring that the interests of the artists algin with the DAO can be challenging. There’s a risk that artist collaborations might not always seamlessly integrate with the DAO’s objectives
      • Intellectual Property Concerns Collaborating with external artists raises questions about ownership and rights over the created content
    5. Community Participation Enhancement
      • Engagement Fatigue Continuously engaging the community without overwhelming or fatiguing them is a deliciated balance. Catering to a diverse community (old/new community) means acknowledging and addressing varied interests, which can be logistically and strategically challenging.

    Action Plan

    1. Platform Development and Integration
      • Employ experienced web3 developers and use proven tech
      • Launch a beta version for community feedback
      • Provide tutorials and support during the transition phase
    2. DAO Restructuring
      • Develop clear governance protocols and decision-making framework
      • Host AMA sessions or Q&A forums to address concerns
      • Facilitate a voting process for major decisions to ensure democratic involvement
    3. Marketing and Community Outreach in Web3 and Web2
      • Develop distinct strategies for each channel with unified branding and messaging
      • Regularly review and adjust strategies based on performance metrics
    4. Artist Engagement and Collaboration
      • Create guidelines and agreements outlining collaboration expectations
      • Involve artists in the planning stages to ensure alignment with DAO goals
      • Develop clear contracts addressing IP rights
    5. Community Participation Enhancement
      • schedule events and initiatives strategically to avoid overwhelming members
      • provide varied and dynamic engagement opportunities
      • develop specialized sub-groups or committees focusing on different interests
  • Onely

    • Community Operations
      • As a community council, I aim to engage in basic community management activities, including information transfer through study rooms, encouraging proposal creation and voting, sending reminders, and providing operational support when new fragments or derivative works are introduced.
    • Research or Writing some posts
      • I would like to do research that combines experiential insights gained from actual operations with perspectives from other researchers. By synthesizing research papers from various sources and incorporating visions presented by other DAOs, I aim to produce a comprehensive document(If possible). This endeavor not only serves as a career incentive but also results in a tangible output that contributes to the body of knowledge. Despite my limited understanding of DAOs, the absence of universally accepted “best practices” or strict guidelines suggests abundant opportunities for exploration. I believe this applies not only to DAOs but also to NFT projects. Undertaking even small initiatives and experiencing processes firsthand can be a valuable asset. The opportunity to create meaningful outcomes through such endeavors is truly remarkable.
    • Partnerships
      • Ongoing collaboration with external entities and projects remains a priority. I plan to participate in business meetings and explore avenues where partnerships can provide mutual benefits. Additionally, I am open to taking a more proactive role in driving activities if there are opportunities to improve outcomes or achieve specific KPIs, especially during challenging periods.
    • Conference Hosting
      • Continuing our efforts to enhance public brand awareness, I aim to organize conferences at least once a year. Although facing challenges in securing speakers and market status, I think it can make wide awareness of our brand to the public if we can host a global-based conference or offline event. To increase more and more, if there is a specific need and opportunity, I am determined to gradually establish a foundation for appealing to global users. My goal is to participate in a big event such as NFT NYC’s side event next year, positioning it as a stepping stone for global expansion.
  • Lovewelchs

    Currently working on the initial specification cleanup for the website revamp, which is an important part of the Fragments expansion. Progress has been slow, however, due to difficulties in finding personal time and ambiguity in the specification.
    My role in the Fragments extension would be similar to my day job, contributing to specification cleanup and developer communications for the Fragments extension website.

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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