Weekly Meeting 2023/11/19

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/11/19
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan


  • David

    1. Artist Engagement and Onboarding
      a. Marketing/Branding - Narrative

      • Regularly create DAO, Art, Web3, IP-related content/research (using Mirror)
      • SNS Branding (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok?)

      b. Community Building - Starting from Scratch

      • Manage the discovery and onboarding process of artists
      • Oversee communication and quality control
      • Engage with art communities on Twitter to increase exposure
    2. Platform and Website

    • Revamp


    • Research DAO/Governance (regular updates, papers/summaries)
    • Revise and design governance strategies
    • Build and maintain relationships with other DAOs for synergistic effects

    4.Community Participation

    • This actually involves showing the progress in areas 1, 2, and 3, plus inspiring ownership transfer among holders

    5.Conference Event

    • Conferences should align with the goals of points 1 and 3
    • Both large-scale conferences and smaller events (including online) are options
  • Tony

    Action Plan

    1. Platform Development and Integration
      • We need to create a roadmap with a clear deadline. Considering the development of our webpage, hiring a freelancer to serve as a council could be beneficial. While our initial concept focused on a web3-based gallery, would there be any significant drawbacks to opting for more traditional web2 style for our web? This approach might help reduce costs.
    2. DAO Restructuring
      • Currently, our DAO operates on standard protocols and guidelines, which, while functional, do not fully align with our unique vision. Therefore, a redesign is necessary. To achieve this, we will meticulously review our existing DAO structure line by line to identify necessary changes. However, a key concern is the requirement of a 15% vote to alter our core DAO structure, a threshold that seems unattainable under current circumstances. Additionally, there’s uncertainty about whether the next voting cycle will favor these changes. This remains our primary challenge
    3. Marketing and Community Outreach in Web3 and Web2
      • Under the current market conditions, effective marketing and community outreach for Web3 projects are extremely challenging. Without tangible results, it may be more efficient to pause our marketing efforts.
    4. Artist Engagement and Collaboration
      • Compile a list of artist-based communities, and each council member will actively participate in one. This approach will not only allow us to introduce our DAO’s new vision to these communities but also positions us to collaborate closely with them in the near future
    5. Community Participation Enhancement
      • For community engagement, we should consider options like ghoference or casual coffee chats. However, currently, it might be prudent to postpone these community events. Our primary focus needs to be on launching the new web pages. Without this, any event we organize may end up being ineffective or pointless
  • Onely

    1. Artist Engagement/Onboarding
      • Research the new platform
      • 1:1 cold calls to artists
      • Proposal creation and communication
      • Organize/Help a Proposal/Onboarding GuideLine
    2. Platform/Website
      • Support platform outreach
      • Operations during events and campaigns
      • Find external partnerships
    3. How to Improve DAO Structure
      • Encourage community voting
      • Encourage Ideation/Discussion with the community and write as a council
      • Research on DAO structure and benchmarking targets
    4. Community Participation
      • Transfer major announcements within the community via Kakao open chat
      • Create an announcement in Discord when creating a proposal
    5. Conference Event
      • Conference planning and operation
      • IRL/Event Planning and operation(on/offline events)
      • Collaborate with external teams(companies) to find co-hosting or appropriate event sponsorships
  • RooRuuRii

    1. Artist Engagement/Onboarding
      1. Marketing/Branding - Narrative
        I think we should take strategic marketing actions based on a monthly SNS plan.
      2. Community Building
        I think we need to be a little careful(?) about building a community centered on artists. From what I’ve heard about NFT artists’ communities before, there are many cases of excessive socialization that eventually leads to the collapse of the community. To prevent this and to ensure the continuity of the artist community, I think there should be a reasonable distance between members and the overall structure of the community should be well organized.
    2. Platform/Website
      We need an objective review of whether the results we are currently aiming for can be realized within the DAO budget.
    3. DAO Structure
      It is necessary to conduct DAO research and create a new DAO structure with existing community users in connection with the five conference events.
    4. Community Participation
      As we all know, it is very difficult to intentionally change the participation or atmosphere of the community. As david said, I think it is appropriate to do 1-3 well and gradually revive the community(?).
    5. Conference Event
      As an idea that came up once before, I think it would be great to hold a DAO hackathon/ideathon (even if it’s not big) to have a constructive conversation around the Ghostsproject DAO, and to have anonymous interviews/discussions with Web3 users online as a recap of that event as a medium or mirror series content.
  • Lovewelchs

    1. Artist Engage & Onboarding
      1. We can focus on both web2 and web3 artists.
    2. Platform / Website
      1. Setting up clear specification for new Platform
      2. Search for freelance developers
      3. Negotiation and evaluation with developer and get quotation
      4. Quotation internal assessment
      5. Actual Development phase
    3. DAO Structure
      1. Maybe we can give Mr.Misang more possibilities to do things with Treasury.
    4. Community Participation
      1. We can set up regular basis (maybe once a month? once a quarter?) Fragments Art festival, giving art community sense of something is going on regularly within fragments community.
    5. Conference Event
      1. Online exhibition (Throuh twitter threads or virtual spaces) could be possible
      2. Offline conference could be small and intimate, relaxed -such as coffe chat with artists

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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