Weekly Meetings 2023/07/16

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/07/16
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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WIP (Work In Progress)

WG & Council Last Week WIP This Week WIP
Onely - XYZ follow/up (2) : Inquiry- how to collaborate, how can Ghost promote XYZ, the way how we post the partnership, and how many holders can get the perks from XYZ(on/offline mall) - Got a sponsorship proposal from Blockkey when it comes to participating in their Web3 meetup as a sponso .(Coex in September) - Meeting with XYZ and follow up. - Meeting with Blockkey about the meetup. - Writing the ghoference deck
RooRuuRii - N/A - Attending the goods production meeting
Lovewelchs - Art competition EN version upload - Endorsing forum discussion - Art competition KR version upload - Endorsing forum discussion
Tonyhan Buy-Back Proposal Review - Realistically, making an “investment” or “buy-back” options are not feasible under the current DAO structure Nothing is planned for now
Davidd - Breeder DAO Call - Paraverse Discussion Upload - Upbit registration check - Pudgy Penguin Inquiry - Breeder DAO Announcement/Follow Up - Paraverse Proposal Upload Ask to Council/Communication with Paravers Team - Wallet Research


There will be changes to the WG/Council structure that are currently in effect. WG and Councils are working hard to discuss about it. We’ll open it up once we’ve had some time to organize it.
→ we need more time to discuss about it.

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