Weekly Meeting 2023/06/25

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023 - 06 - 25
  • Meeting Member : Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tony, JM

DAO Voting in Progress

  • N/A

Post-voting Process

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WIP (Work In Progress)

WG & Council Last Week WIP This Week WIP
Onely - Meeting with Breeder DAO - Meeting with XYZ
RooRuuRii - researching other ways to do art participation - researching other ways to do art participation
Lovewelchs - Good research - Goods research - Envisioning art competition-winning contest
Tonyhan - burning soul assistance - salary proposal - salary proposal - Transferring JM’s duties
Davidd - Breeder DAO Proposal Draft Breeder DAO wants to emphasize more that it is a collaboration with AI SKIN - Mid Journey Proposal Update - Burning Soul Discord/Translation (Helped them create their own discord and FAQ because there were so many ongoing questions in the discord) - Breeder DAO Upload will upload proposal and in the meantime, we will discuss with Breeder DAO about marketing collaborations and schedules - Mid Journey Upload will upload the revised version - Burning Soul Assist will think of ways to leverage this marketing-wise while still making it clear that it is a separate project from our project
JM Bounty Program Next Round Planning Bounty Program Next Round Planning writing GALXE Operation Document
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