Weekly Meeting 2023/08/20

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/08/20
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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WIP (Work In Progress)

WG & Council Last Week WIP
Onely - Conference Speaker Coordination Efforts are being made to secure speakers for the conference. If no progress is made by 2 weeks before KBW, considerations will be made to either integrate with other events or move the conference to a different day
RooRuuRii Communication C/S
Lovewelchs Currently working on designing a merchandise T-shirt
Tonyhan currently in the process of re-evaluating and re-organizing our operation method to improve efficiency and effectiveness
Davidd - working on an article titled “DAO from the perspective of running a PFP project” focusing on insights and strategies related to DAO operations within a PFP(Profile Picture) context. - Preparing Breeder DAO Space