Weekly Meeting 2023/11/27

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/11/26
  • Meeting Member :
    Mr.Misang, Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan


  • David

    • Website Restructring
      • Needs to have estimation for Quotation / Timeline (How long it will take)

        • Based on the website timeline fixed, we need to make content /strategy timeline to build justification / narrative around “expanding fragment”.
          • Mirror article as Welches mentioned + Twitter
          • Artist Group Chat (Fragment Expansion) on Discord?
        • I think we can have some kind of mock image how this Fragment website will look like and use it to reach out to Artist
          • So they can have rough idea of how their work will look like once it become part of expanded Fragments
          • Then we can start the round while Website is being prepared


        1. Website Quotation / Timeline estimation
        2. Content / strategy timeline
        3. Mock Image (?) for Artist and recruit
        4. Start Rounds
        5. Website update complets
      • What if Quotation is “too much” and expected timeline is “too long”?

    • Artist Onboarding
      • What’s the ideal of way onboarding artist for first round?
        • Fix specific artist pool for first round?
          • Criteria
          • How to approach
          • Process
            • Onboarding chosen Number of Artists
            • Asked to expand specific cut of Fragments
            • Once done, vote to include it as expanded story of Fragments
        • Engage in Artist community along with round start?
          • Artist Community?
          • Artist Twitter List?
          • One pager about Fragment Expansion might be good
    • DAO
      • DAO Case Study
        • The purpose will be restructuring or optimizing GP DAO governance based on FR Expansion
        • How should we operate though?
          • Make more sense to do it when first round starts
          • Nouns DAO will be the good one to start
            • Purpose of DAO
            • Governance Structure
              • How it has evolved
              • Pros / Cons
            • What we can implement for GP DAO
          • But idk if regular basis Study Group that requires fixed participation and outputs will be sustainable in terms of operation.
  • Tonyhan

      1. DAO research
        DAO research is an initiative where we analyze various DAO structures to identify best practices and examples. This knowledge aids us in enhancing and refining our own DAO structure
        1. Industry Analysis
          Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current trends and practices in DAOs across various industries. This would involve understanding how different organization leverage organizations leverage blockchain technology, governance models, and community engagement
        2. Benchmarking
          Identify leading DAOs and analyze their structure, governance models, and operational efficiencies. This benchmarking process will provide insights into best practices and innovative approaches
        3. Interviews
          Engage with key holders in our organization and other successful DAOs. This would include interviews with DAO members, leaders, and possibly external experts to gather diverse perspective and insights.
        4. Governance Model Review
          Examine our DAO’s governance model to ensure it aligns with best practices for decision-making, member engagement, and transparency. This might involve exploring more democratic voting system or ways to incentivize active participation
        5. Risk Management
          Analyze potential risks, including regulatory compliance, security vulnerabilities, and conflict resolution mechanisms within the DAO structure
        6. Customized Strategy Development
          Based on the gathered information, develop a tailored strategy to enhance our DAO’s structure. This strategy should address identified gaps and leverage best practices from industry
        7. Implementation Roadmap
          Create a detailed implementation plan with clear milestones and timelines. This roadmap should also include change management strategies to ensure smooth adoption of new practices.
  • Onely

      1. Website
      • Q&A
        • before website dev. what we can do as a council
          • do the same things we did so far?
          • artist outreach & relationship building?
          • etc… (I think both of them are needed, and it’d be better to set up the overall guideline for the next plan)
        • estimated time to announce
        • estimated time to launch
        • any specific target artist group.
      1. Artist onboarding/outreach
      • target group: (1) Singaporean/Chinese-based artists (2) curated group by Mr.Misang
        (3) research-based cold call outreached ones.
        (but not sure, cause they are independent, and it’s a bit ambiguous what we’re going to do with potential artist partners.)
      • platform community-based outreach + looking for partnerships.
      • operating some campaigns
      • 1:1 cold calls to artists + Proposal creation and communication
      • Organize/Help a Proposal/Onboarding GuideLine
      1. DAO Research
        1. transfer + summarize other researchers’ research/articles about DAO
        2. translation of the article/research
        3. write the article/research of DAO
          1. operational part
          2. theory part
  • RooRuuRii

    1. Website
      1. Web site opening schedule
      2. Web site development budget
      3. Tasks that the Council can support in developing a website
    2. Artist onboarding/outreach
      1. Web3
        1. Artists with an understanding of Mr.misang
        2. Artists on platforms such as Foundation, SuperRare, Async Art, and Rarable
      2. Web2
        1. Artists with an understanding of Mr.misang
    3. DAO Research
      1. Understand DAO concepts and operational principles:
        1. Understand the basic concepts of what DAO is and how decentralized autonomous organizations work.
        2. Identify the core functions and characteristics of the DAO, such as governance, voting, automation, etc.
      2. History of DAO:
        1. Investigate the origin of DAOs and the development of early concepts.
          Identify key cases and events about the growth and development of DAOs in recent years.
      3. Different types of DAO navigation:
        1. Investigate DAOs in finance, such as those associated with DeFi (Distributed Finance).
        2. Explore DAOs related to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
          We look for DAOs that work in various fields such as gaming, art, and virtual reality.
      4. Analysis of DAO’s advantages and limitations, failure cases:
        1. It analyzes the advantages of DAO, such as decentralization, transparency, and autonomy.
        2. Learn about the limitations and challenges that DAOs may face.
      5. DAO ecosystems and communities:
        1. Research the major platforms, projects, and communities that make up the DAO ecosystem.
        2. Learn about the activities and interactions of the DAO community.
      6. Future prospects of DAO and its application to our project
        1. Predict what role DAOs can play in blockchain and decentralized systems today and in the future.
        2. Analyze DAO’s potential for development and market trends.
  • Lovewelches

    I’ve been thinking about the Fragments website specification, and I’d like to discuss if there are any areas where we can operationalize the Fragments extension before developing it into the current specification.


Hi i known u r guys work hard, but could u explain me why myty cam is not working now?

Our DAO operates independently from MYTY, so we are not precisely sure why the issue occurred. However, we have reached out to a member of their team and they have agreed to investigate the matter over the weekend