GIP 31 : Artist Budget for Expansion of Fragments

Title : GIP 31 : Artist Budget for Expansion of Fragments

Category : Community Support & Decision — Others

Abstract: This proposal seeks the approval of a budget to expand the Ghosts Fragments, a core element of the GhostsProject’s narrative universe, by collaborating with 30 artists. The initiative aims to enrich our collective storytelling by incorporating diverse artistic visions into the GhostsProject world.


Objective: To commission 30 artists to create new artworks that expand upon the existing Ghosts Fragments, thereby enhancing the depth and breadth of our narrative universe.

Please refer to GIP 30 GIP 30 : Expansion of Ghosts Fragments : Anecdote

A total of 3 ETH (0.1 ETH per artist) is requested to fund this initiative. This budget will be used exclusively to compensate the artists for their contributions. Engaging with artists to contribute to the Ghosts Fragments is critical for fostering a vibrant and diverse stories for expansion.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Artist Selection: As it is early stage of Fragment Expansion, Mr. Misang will curate artists within the GhostsProject community and beyond, outlining submission guidelines and selection criteria.
  2. Artwork Creation: Selected artists will create new fragments, expanding the GhostsProject universe. We will conduct an artist interview for each artist.
  3. Submission and Review: Artists will submit their completed works in the proposal to be accepted as official expanded fragments
  4. Compensation: Upon approval, artists will receive 0.1 ETH as compensation for their contributions.

Timeline: The entire process, from artist selection to artwork submission and review, is expected to be completed within 2024.

Ask : 3ETH

Yes: Approve the budget allocation of 3 ETH for the expansion of Ghosts Fragments.

No: Do not approve the budget allocation.


Can’t wait for it. into the New Era!


30 artists will definitely make our community grow.