GIP 24: 2023 2nd half Ghosts Project WG&Council Payment Budget Proposal

Title of the Proposal : GIP 24: 2023 2nd half Ghosts Project WG Payment Budget Proposal

Category : Community support & Decision : HR & Budgeting

Kudos : Ghosts #5456, t0nyhan

Abstract :

  • The 2023 Second-Half GhostsProject Working Group & Council Payment Budget Proposal outlines the necessary budget to sustain centralized operations, such as Discord, Social Media, and various tools, aimed at enhancing the functionality of the GhostsProject DAO. The proposed budget is projected to cover a six-month period, from July 1st, 2023, to December 31st, 2023.

Discourse :

Rationale :

  1. Role of Working Group and Council

    Davidd (Working Group)

    • Partnership management : focuses on securing inbound-focused partnerships
    • Governance and DAO framework management : manages the operational framework to maintain the DAO system
    • SNS marketing management :handles the management and marketing of the official social media account for the “Ghosts Project”


    • Partnership management : works on closing partnerships with other companies
    • Public Relations & Marketing : manages the overall PR and marketing strategy
    • In Real Life(IRL) management : prepares for ongoing real-life events


    • external Community Manager : primarily focused on managing the Korean community
    • In Real Life(IRL) management : prepares for ongoing real-life events


    • Contents planning and operations : responsible for planning and executing content-based events
    • Deliverables management : handles the archiving of outputs from the Ghosts Project
      Archiving outputs from ghosts project
    • Official Mirror Account Management : manages the official Mirror account

    Tonyhan(Council Leader)

    • Project Management : manages the overall ongoing project schedules
    • Snapshot and Proposal Management : manages discussions, snapshots, and proposals
    • Bounty Program management : Oversees the operations and management of the “Bounty Program”

    ※ Due to personal reasons, JM and Yuuya Key will be leaving and their role will be taken over by the rest of the Council and WG.

  2. Remuneration of Working Group and Councils

    • Total : 20,400 USDC
    • Breakdown : $1,000 * 1 (person) * 6 (month) + $600 * 4 (people) * 6 (month) = $20,400
      • David = $1,000 per month
      • Onely = $600 per month
      • RooRuuRii = $600 per month
      • Lovewelchs = $600 per month
      • Tonyhan = $600 per month
    • Remuneration for the contributors will be paid on the 10th of the following month.
    • If new contributors are added to the Working Group, a separate proposal will be made to cover the compensation till the end of 2nd half.

Timeline : Approved budgets will be executed till 12/31/2023 after the proposal is approved.
Ask: 20,400 USDC


The requested operational budget will be executed from ghoststreasury.eth with 2/3 confirmation of the Multisig signers.

  • mrmisang.eth (MrMisang#2807)
  • rosc.eth (ROSC#0807)
  • wisekim.eth (wise#0239)

Quorum : Gho 2 (10% quorum)


Yes: Approve WG&Council Payment Budget

Np: Reject WG&Council Payment Budget