GIP 14: 2023 1st half GhostsProject WG Payment Budget Proposal

Title of the Proposal : GIP 14: 2023 1st half GhostsProject WG Payment Budget Proposal

Category : Community support & decision : HR & Budgeting

Kudos : Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959

Abstract :

2023 1st half GhostsProject WG Payment Budget Proposal proposes the execution of WG budget required to maintain the inevitably centralized operation such as Discord, Social Media, and various tools designed to improve GhostsProject DAO’s operation for a total 6 months from Jan 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2023.



  • In order to support daily DAO operation with various DAO components(Discord, Twitter, Instagram, DAO tools, etc), managing resources (Working Group) is inevitably required. Thus, the first WG Budget for last epoch was executed and used to compensate Working Group for their dedication to centralized components.

  • WG has executed total 13 Proposals including 5 collaboration proposals such as Tracer, Openblox and etc. Even though WG was supposed to be in charge of only centralized parts of DAO, WG took the initiatives on agendas and successfully sourced the collaborations/partnershops considering it was DAO’s primitive stage where things were not perfectly settled.

  • However, as WG proposed the hiring of GhostsProject Council who will acquire the significant level of authority during the proposal review process, the current R&R of WG will be reduced and truly focus on the inevitably centralized daily operation such as Discord, Social Media, Partnership Management.

    Also, regarding collaboration proposal executed (Tracer) or will be executed in the future (Paraverse, if approved), WG will be in charge of assisting counter-parties by providing centralized resources and communicating the execution process in order to amplify the benefit that GhostsProject can acquire. Furthermore, WG will contribute on the operation of Gho Game and potential Marketplace Art Collection drop for GhostsProject Artists.

    Please refer to updated Working Group R&R and Council R&R on GIP 12

  • Therefore, WG proposes to reduce its payment rate from $1,500 to $1,000 by updating the Level and Comp structure (Post DAO - Updated) ; the saved $500 will be allocated to Council payment budget if approved.

  • The new WG Budget for the epoch of Jan 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2023 will be mainly used for maintaining the centralized operation of DAO.

  1. Remuneration of Working Group
    • Total : 21,000 USDC
    • Please refer to Level and Comp structure (Post DAO - Updated)
    • List of contributors
      • David (Level2, Discord WG) = $1,000 per month
        • WG general process/partnership management
        • WG Proposal Initiation
        • Discord Server Management
      • JM (Level2, Marketing WG) = $1,000 per month
        • Instagram, Twitter Management
        • Point System (Gho Game) Management
      • Vault (Level2, DAO WG) = $1,000 per month
        • DAO Framework Management
        • Budget and Treasury Management
      • Yuuya Key (Level 1, Moderator) = $500 per month
        • WG Support
        • Point System (Gho Game) Management along with JM
      • Breakdown
        • Level 2 Renumeration : $1,000 * 3 (people) * 6 (month) =$18,000
        • Level 1 Renumeration : $500 * 1 (person) * 6 (month) = $3,000
        • Total : $21,000
    • Remuneration for the contributors will be paid on the 10th of the following month.
    • If new contributors are added to the Working Group, a separate proposal will be made to cover the compensation till the end of 1st half.

Timeline: Approved budgets will be executed till 06/30/2023 after the proposal is approved.

Ask: 21,000 USDC


The requested operational budget will be executed from ghoststreasury.eth with 2/3 confirmation of the Multisig signers.

  • mrmisang.eth (MrMisang#2807)
  • rosc.eth (ROSC#0807)
  • wisekim.eth (wise#0239)


Yes: Approve WG Payment Budget

Np: Reject WG Payment Budget

Prior to this, is it possible to discuss the performance of the last WG and Mods, including KPIs, the receipt of budget spent, and the revenue of GhostsTreasury during the period that DAO and WG were active, as well as whether this remuneration is reasonable? I wonder why we still need the same budget with the same workload, more people while it’s now less activity and ‘to do’ than last quarter. It would be nice if there was a recap in this regard.

  1. To be honest, I am very disappointed with the limited Twitter activity that was mostly happened in Korea. Almost no content, all RT. Couldn’t this be a simple task for Mods?

  2. Can we discuss a significant reduction in salary and a reorganization into an incentive system based on partnerships and activity status, KPIs, profits, revenue and how many Ghosts holds, etc.?

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To be honest, I’m just complaining though, but it would be nice if there was a process and motivation for WG that other DAO members could be more satisfied with. I generally agree with the above, but yes. But what do I know.

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  1. Regarding the receipt, the every payment of WG went through treasury so it can be seen by anyone.

  2. WG’s main R&R is taking care of centralized part which generally refers to the execution part. When there are proposals require centralized resources whether it is discord, twitter, partnership management and etc, WG executes them, More Proposals to be executed → More works for WG. That’s why WG payment was 50% reduced during the first epoch. So the performance KPI will be how proposed proposals were executed as it is the essence of WG’s existence. This would be same for the Council.
    But as it was the first primitive stage of DAO, WG tried to execute the Gho game and sourced the partnership deals in order to amplify the exposure effect and executed willingly. I believe this type of action/sourcing must be further decentralized and initiated by non-WG members. If so, there could even an new entity who mainly source the partnership deals just like outreach roles later. Please refer to Nouns DAO: Nouns DAO

  3. Agree there must be the motivation for WG, Council, and any members who are taking roles within DAO as none of them are Team. But it is not practical to incentivize them by increasing payment considering the market status + incentive system will change the essence of WG and Council cuz they are only the entities who are taking care of centralized parts. Thus, lowering the payment along with hiring Council and WG controls the centralized parts in order to distribute and decentralize the roles can be an ideal approach. + The core drive for ghostsproject community comes from social capital which can be discussed how we can amplify it.

Discussion regarding motivation for DAO would be another great topic, especially on the participation side

My comment was was mostly written on an emotional basis to be honest, but thanks for the good answers.

I thought I’m not the only one feeling this way so. Anyway, thank you for the work you did for the DAO last quarter and look forward to further discussions for a better process.

As I said, I generally agree with the above proposal. And feedback and monitoring, motivation system will be another discussion.

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