GIP12: Hiring GhostsProject Council

Title of the Proposal : GIP12: Hiring GhostsProject Council

Category : Community support & decision : HR & Budgeting

Kudos : Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959

Discourse :

Abstract :

Hiring GhostsProject Council is to propose the necessity of GhostsProject Council that will serve as an entity composed of dedicating community members elected by DAO’s vote and designed to have a fair distribution of power that used to belong to the WG and Founding Team. Council will be made of total 5 members and will in charge of determining the qualification and quorum of proposals.

Rationale :

As GhostsProject transformed into a DAO, transferring/distributing the authorities that used to belong to the Team(Pre-form of WG) in a more decentralized manner has become the compulsory steps to be executed; multisig-signers, governance, and working group system were built to guarantee the transparent and impartial operation of DAO. Since the beginning of DAO, the Working Group has been the one of the entity/core contributors, not a centralized Team, who control the inevitably centralized parts of DAO and amplify the benefits that can be acquired from partnership/collaboration.

Along with the current decentralized structure of GhostsProject, hiring new members can further decentralize DAO’s operation will add more sustainability for GhostsProject itself. Thus, I propose the hiring of the GhostsProject Council, an entity made of core community members who can take considerable authority during the proposal verification process in order to build a decentralized, sustainable, open, transparent, and governable DAO.

The essence of the Council’s existence comes from operating with given authority to maintain a decentralized DAO where powers are properly allocated and benefit the future of GhostsProject.

  1. Council Structure

    GhostsProject Council will be another core contributing entity of GhostsProject that will own distributed authority/duty that mainly focuses on the proposal review process. Council will consist of 5 members in total; 1 Council Leader and 4 Council Members.

    Council Leader (1)

    • Takes the leading role in Council to initiate a proposal review process
    • Leads the communication with WG
    • Council Leader will be selected through separate election by WG + Council after the initiation of Council.

    Council Members (4)

    • Review proposals when asked by the proponent and decide whether they are qualified to be voted by DAO.
    • Have fiduciary responsibility for properly reviewing proposals to facilitate prosperous GhostsProject DAO
  2. R&R GhostsProject Council

    1. Review proposals - Duty
      • Previously, the Working Group had the right to determine the qualification of proposals to be uploaded at Snapshot for the vote and the quorum of them. However, as a total of 9~10 proposals have been uploaded at the Snapshot by the Working Group, the sufficient contexts on the criteria of proposals’ qualification and quorum have been piled; it now doesn’t have to be the Working Group controlling proposal review process in a centralized manner, but a separate entity can determine it with the previous contexts of proposals.

      • Once initiated, Council will have the sole right to review and decide whether a proposal suggested in the ideation category is qualified for the snapshot vote.

      • Council also has the right to decide the quorum of the proposal based on the GhostsProject DAO public docs and references on the previous proposals.

        The process will be:

        1. Proposal A is uploaded in the ideation and the proposer asks Council to review.
        2. Council members will go over the proposal and decide whether the proposal is qualified to be voted on Snapshot within 3 days (excluding weekends)**.**Supermajority rule applies: ⌈(N+1) / 2⌉ → More than 50% of Council members should agree to upload the proposal.
          • If a proposal is initiated by one of the council members, he or she can’t participate in the above voting process.
          • If more than 2/3 of the council members are involved in a specific proposal, WG will decide the qualification and quorum of that specific proposal.
        3. Council Leader will ask WG to upload the proposal to the Snapshot.
        4. WG will change the state of the proposal to Straight to vote.
        5. Then WG will upload the proposal to the snapshot within 2 days (excluding weekends).
    2. Share Opinions - Cooperation
      • Council members will be encouraged to share their opinions with the Working Group to collect more diverse views and draw better results.
      • Working Group can request Council to discuss as specific agenda arises during the pre/post proposal execution process or suggestion about DAO structure alteration.
      • Council can also request the Working Group to communicate on the matters that need to be addressed for the sustainability of DAO.
    3. Kick/Ban users in Discord - Authority
      • Even though we do not have many activities within Discord, as most of our community members communicate through Twitter and Kakao Talk, abusive users such as scammers/spammers/fuds have occasionally disturbed our Discord server.
      • Council will have the shared right (not an obligation) with WG to make judgments upon the users who violate the Discord rules.
      • The decision to kick/ban users will also go through a Supermajority rule when the agenda to kick/ban someone arises within Council; more than 50% of Council members must agree to execute the action. However, each council member has the right to temporarily mute users without a Council vote under the inevitable/emergent condition where the users clearly violate the server rules. Then, the Council can vote on whether the muted users should be kicked/banned from the server.
  3. Council Epoch

    • Council members will serve for an entire Council Epoch, January 1st, 2023 to June 31st, 2023 (6 months), and be entitled to the authority and responsibilities stated above. If there is a case where a council member has to withdraw during an Epoch, the Council will continue to operate, but the supermajority formulae will change accordingly until DAO elects a new member.
    • In the last month of the epoch, a proposal that renews the epoch of the current council or hiring new members will be uploaded.
  4. Council Payment

    • Each Council Member will be compensated $300 USDC per month.
    • The budget of for Council Payment will be renewed every 6months by submitting new budget proposals.
    • At the initiation proposal of the Council System, the payment budget will be included.
    • Council payment won’t create more burden on the Treasury, for WG is planning to reduce the payment from $1,500 to $1,000 for next epoch since the some of R&R will be shared with Council; fund that used to be allocated for WG can be simply used for the Council.
    • The payment will be made every 10th of the following month through the multisig.
    • The total budget for 6months will $9,000 USDC.
  5. Voting Process

    Poll or Delegation voting were the viable options selecting proper candidates Council at pre-on-chain voting if there are more than 5 applicants for Council. However, as exactly 5 application were submitted, the voting process will be directly initiated at on-chain voting. Please refer to the discussion to check the chage.

  6. Applicants


  1. On board Council members if approved before Jan 1st, 2023.
  2. Start the term of Council starting Jan 1st, 2023.
  3. The payment for Council members will be made every 10th of the following month through the multisig.

Ask: $9,000 USDC

Accountability: Davidd#2959


Yes - Agree hiring council

No - Do not agree hiring council