NFT NYC Partnership with Capsule NFT

Title of the Proposal : NFT NYC Partnership with Capsule NFT

Category : Community support & decision : others

Kudos : Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959

Abstract :

As 2023 NFT NYC, the most anticipated NFT Event of the year, is approaching, it is necessary for GhostsProject to find a spot to be part of the event that has massive opportunity to expose itself to the broader audiences. Thus, Partnership with Capsule NFT will give GhostsProject a shot to make its presence to the event and potentially catch eyes of participants.



Timeline: Asked assets will be transferred to the Capsule NFT Team once the proposal is approved.

Ask: 5 Ghosts and 1 Special Fragment

Accountability: Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959


Yes: Approve the Partnership

Np: Reject the Partnership


In this situation where nothing seems to be done, it seems desirable and positive to try any way to make our Ghosts widely known to others. However, when I looked up about capsule NFT, the number of Twitter users is about 850 and the size of the discode server is very small, so I wonder if we can achieve our purpose. I want you to share the reason why you trusted and collaborated on that capsule NFT project.

3 Likes You guys should work with them , it costs a little. I think it will be better ,


I believe it is cost-efficient opportunity for us to engage in NFT NYC as it doesn’t necessarily require USDC expense + partnership with bigger entity definitely requires higher amount of expense while the return can not be measured quantitatively. It could be more efficient to execute multiple small NFT NYC partnership with small entities like Capsule NFT.


Conclusion first, I do agree with partnership with Capsule NFT, zero cost and still we might have some chance to marketing ourselves.

However, how much would cost if we want to deal with bigger entities? if we have some “guesstimated” figures then it would help us more to decide.

it would be better if we can have several options then let holders decide the cost.

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The most viable option is to directly participating as sponsor of NFT NYC which we did some research on last year whether it is worth to do it. Based on the this year’s price tag, the minimum price table to be part of Sponsors was around $15,000 and max up to $300,000 which is not the reasonable and piratical price to pay at the current stage.

I would love to see more fair opportunities incoming starting with Capsule NFT’s partnership if we can proceed!

I also agree with this partnership with Capsule NFT. But it’d be great if we can check the effectiveness data from the Capsule team after this campaign completes.

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Better than nothing. I think we have to find collab like this more to get exposed in NFT NYC. I agree with this idea David suggested

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