Weekly Meeting 2023/10/08

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023/10/08
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, Tonyhan



**1. FR Expansion Art <> NFT**

The meaning of DAO-based FR expansion, as I perceive it, is significant in the following ways:

- The organizational structure of DAO enables new interactions between fans/community and intellectual property (IP) (worldview) in the traditional art/IP business industry.
- Anyone can participate in the expansion, and the process/results can be recorded on-chain in a "consensus" state.

In the case of the first scenario, with the structural aspects of Ghost NFT + DAO already in place, and the establishment of the expansion process, it appears achievable if actual participation and the process repetition occur.

In the second scenario, whether FR expansion efforts should be NFT-based or not may depend on the categorization and definition of "record/consensus."

- DAO voting itself (recorded on-chain) validates that the work is an official FR expansion, eliminating the need for NFT issuance.
- DAO voting records the process, and consensus/confirmation ultimately comes from whether the work has been "expanded" and recorded through NFT via the FR expansion contract/collection (for example).

Here, some questions arise then:

- Should the collections be issued as part of the artists' collections or as part of the FR expansion collections? (I personally think it should be the latter.)
- Should these collections be tradable, or should they remain under the ownership of the DAO forever? (This is a decision that the DAO can make in the future.)
- Next Step
- Please comment on docs that Mr.Misang shared so we can create rough timeline and action plans for expansion
- This timeline/action plans for interal purpose and there can be an external version of one pager or proposal

**2. - Proposal for DAO to buy art or nft that can be utilized for FR expansion**

- **Need to discuss which asset will be most appropriate and viable option (in terms of encouraging participation/increasing exposure/ + relevance)**
- **Can be more clear if we make FR expansion timeline/action plan**
- **I can list several ideas and ask for opinions of community (could be controversial but better than 0 engagement)**

**3. Mr.One DAY - NFT NYC**

- He is applying to nft nyc exhibition (?) with fr expansion art
- Can give him DAO level support? Announcement + Twitter


After completing the first phase of our initiative, we’ve decide to delay our next proposal. 
Our goal is not to rush the creation of additional artwork; rather, we aim to establish a solid foundation that aligns with our overarching theme of ‘Expanding Fragment.’ 
At this juncture, I find myself questioning our emphasis on generating NFTs. Why not consider creating a Tumblr-like platform where users can upload JPEGs that resonate with our artistic narratives? 
This could serve as a bridge between Web3 and Web2 environment. Ultimately, our objective should be to engage a broader audience with our art, rather than simply increasing our DAO’s NFT holdings


Finalizing the t-shirt production. Deposit text to be sent to borrower. 
Will be sent after deposit is received. Thinking about how to package the t-shirts. 
The post office box is too big for the price and packaging.


Uploading tweets about fragment worldview

DAO Voting in Progress

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Post-voting Process

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