GIP 23 : Mid Journey Membership Purchase for GP Discord

Title of the Proposal : GIP 23 : Mid Journey Membership Purchase for GP Discord

Category : Community support & decision : Art creation & support

Kudos : Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959

Discourse :

Abstract : The objective of this proposal is to purchase Standard Plan and integrate Mid Journey, an AI-powered art tool, into Ghosts Project Discord server for 12months. This tool should be available exclusively to members above ghosts gang role.

Rationale :

Our community has a burgeoning interest in art and creative expression. Mid Journey, as an AI-powered art tool, can foster creativity by enabling users to create and experiment with art through AI. By integrating this tool into our Discord server, we will cultivate a vibrant art community and allow members to easily share and critique art pieces. However, to maintain quality and avoid spam, the tool should be restricted to members with ghosts gang and whale.

  1. Purchase Mid Journey Standard plan: Basic Plan of Mid Journey is $24 as yearly billing per month (total of $288) and provides following features.
  • 15h Fast generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to member gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • 3 concurrent fast jobs
  1. Integrate into Discord: Implement Mid Journey in our Discord server
  2. Role-Based Access: Configure the integration to grant access only to members with the Ghosts Gang and Whale

Timeline :

Purchase the basic plan and activiate it aright away as proposal is passed.

Ask: $288 - David will pay with his own fiat and will be reimbursed from Treasury as Mid Journey does not accept crypto at the moment.

Accountability: Davidd#2959,


Yes - Approve the Purchase

No - Do not Approve the Purchase


I think this subscription can help non-artist users create more derived art regarding the Ghosts Project. Personally, I always thought that there was a bit of hardness for common users from a few campaigns and events. But I believe this try offers a new opportunity for community users to do many activities with Mid Journey Membership. :pray:

I emphatically recommend that we invest in the Standard Plan. If any members have already purchased the basic plan individually, they could cancel their personal subscriptions and make use of ours via Discord.
Regarding the limitation, I believe that allowing for 5 ghosts (approximately 15% of total holders) strikes a fair balance. Consider a member who has one ghost and purchases 4 more; if they utilize the Mid journey for a year, they effectively recoup 50% of their expenditure. This setup offers a reasonable return and encourages further engagement with our project.

※ It’s crucial to note that only the top 15% will have access, implying that as our community grows, the limitation threshold will proportionally increase in the future. This progressive structure ensures that our most engaged holders continue to be rewarded as our universe expands.

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Just worrying about few stuffs.

Basic plan contains more than just ‘fast generation’. Pro plan, which is pricey, but contains ‘stealth’ mode that could work secretly without leaking the prompt. (which is think the most important parts of the creating art on Midjourney.) Plus not just saying the stealth mode, 15H fast generations goes real quick, and using the slow mode is really painful. Even with top 15% are allow to access the plan, I do believe 15h fast generation will goes out real quick for non artist, and ppl will not use the midjourney at all at our Discord server.

Also, as I’ve seen the most art drawn at the art contest, it seems like all human-made (not Nigo brand pun intended). So I don’t even really think that integrating Midjourney will help our discord server at all. Even those ‘midjourney artist’ will have their own personal plan, would not be using the plan made upon the server.

Long story short, even with going with pro plan, i don’t think artist (or non artist) ghost member would not use the midjourney at all. Generating good enough prompt for non artist is a big huddle to jump over, and artist who is drawing the art would not be using the midjourney, or even uses the personal plan for prompt leaking issue.

Also, as far as i know, don’t every user need their personal plan to use the midjourney on the group server?
I might wrong, correct me if im wrong. Back in last year November-ish was like this.

Either way, I want to provide more people with the experience of creating something. There is a saying called blank canvas phobia. Going from 0 to 1 is usually much more difficult than going from 1 to 100. This is something I have been telling my junior artists in lectures or private events for several years.

The Midjourney feature will not be of great benefit to ‘those who have already used Midjourney’, as Jung said. However, I think it will be another good experience for the majority of users who ‘never imagined being able to create art in any way in my life’. It’s not about going from 1 to 100, it’s about going from 0 to 1.

In other words, I think the core of this proposal is to make it easy for ‘people who have never made something’ to experience ‘making something’. I don’t think the purpose is to train people to be ai artists.

Here are my thoughts on ai art. ;
I ‘personally’ don’t like the majority of ai art. However, sometimes, I am moved by the creativity that has been expanded through ai. Yes, only a small fraction of them are beautiful. (Either from an aesthetic point of view or from a philosophical point of view.)

But in fact, this is the same feeling I feel when I look at works other than ai art. Regardless of my artistic skills, I am emotionally drawn to only a fraction of the images that exist in the world. I often find little meaning in most of the images people praise. On the other hand, I’m often moved by images that people don’t pay much attention to. There may be differences in degree, but I believe that all of you will feel similar feelings.

Good works of art are very rare. And they are born among many ‘meaningless-looking attempts’. I hope that this proposal brings GhostsProject closer to the cradle for such endeavors. Prompt is poetry. Some poetry is beautiful, some poetry is not. However, creating poetry is always better than not creating poetry.

Always feel glad to hear your opinions, Jung.:fire:


A little idea:
We think that the disclosure of the midjourney prompt on the GhostsProject Discord server can be accepted as ‘fun’ rather than ‘problem’.
What if we archived all prompts created on the GhostsProject Discord Server? What if you could generate statistics and pick out the most used words or phrases?

Right now, I’m not sure what to do with that data.

However, if ai becomes more advanced and usability is strengthened than it is now, I think that words and sentences can be recorded and ‘used’ as part of GhostsProject’s history.

It may be a fictional story that has no substance yet.
But 1 is always better than 0.

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Mid Journey is for the community not for the pro AI artists. So I do agree with Mr.Misang’s opinion.
It’s just for fun. Maybe we can have some Mid journey session later.
Make 0 to 1 means something.

interesting, we have to try and see if many people are interested.

I’m not like ‘im 100% disagree with midjourney and ai art will ruin the art scene blah blah’. Personally, i do know some professional artist is using midjourney, and I do agree it will least cure for blank canvas phobia for new or pro artist.

The point is, will people actually use midjourney at ghosts project discord server at all. It’s a good tool to start their personal art project, but I don’t think people will come to our discord server to use limited 15H fast generations for it. I personally think it’s just not a good decision to purchase the 96$ account to help 0 to 1 art making. Rather integrating some huggingface opensource to our discord server could be the alternative right decision.

Like this for example, QR Code AI Art Generator - a Hugging Face Space by huggingface-projects . There are tons of free software that has no limit with less money to spend on it. For me, Midjourney as artistic making? Hell yeah, im down. But spending 96$ or more with our treasury money? Nah.

If midjourney is the factor that councils are thinking to market ‘ghostsproject discord server’ as artistic foundation making server for pro or new artist by integrating midjourney discord server ain’t just new, or good, or price-worthy decision right now.

We never mentioned “this is for the new or pro artists.” This is for any holders who has more than x numbers of ghosts.

either its for x + holders. I just don’t think its a good utility to spend the money for it.

then can you give us a example where we should spend our money on?

Could you provide any examples for this one? we do not currently have a developer on hand, and incorporating open source solutions into our Discord server could prove costly. However, if there are existing case studies we could refer to, it would allow us to better assess the situation and make an informed decision about the best options to implement

I was not a fan of making discord centralized community at the first place. I believed if community was strong, without making any kinds of ‘server’ will allow ghost community to make better art. it like some alumni community, people don’t really check for verification to say they are from certain group.

Why i am saying this, I don’t believe implementing some kinds of good bot will make the incentives to let the ‘artist to make art on our server.

AI art, cool, I believe its good to let artist to start something, giving out some random ass idea is good to avoid the creative block for the artist. If the point of implementing midjourney discord server is some kinds of trigger point to incentivize the holder holding the certain number of ghost NFT ain’t lure enough. Rather having professional artist feedback session for certain numbers of ghost holder would be better to fix the creative block for artist, or even for incentivize the x+a more holder. (And once again, trust me, basic plan will be just wasting the money to mid journey. 15H fast generation will be quick, and will be out real quick)

My suggestion would rather be get some better incentive (even just giving out some ETH) to make better AI art content. Implementing any discord art generating server bot ain’t going to up the number of people who is coming to our discord server.

Again we never said we want artist to make art on our server. Also this implementation is to incentivize holders who have more than x number or ghosts not lure more people into our discord.

Always thank you for your insight but this time you are arguing on something that no one mentioned or not a main bullet point.

Not trying to fix any other’s idea or trying to argue for it.

As like the first point, for me that incentivize will not good enough to incentivize for the x number of ghosts NFT. For me, I’m still on No option. And will vote for No if this idea gets passed

I think i had good enough of discussion of my opinion on this, so don’t have to reply on this.