Utilizing Ghostproject Discord

Let’s be real here, we’ve had enough GM and GN on our discord.

it’s good to say GM and GN, but there should be more than GM or GN to our discord to at least others to read something or actual usage to it. Even if distributing some useful stuff to our discord, and here are some ideation that we could use at Discord.

  1. Now Pass
    Now Pass offers one of the best information on the web3 media. Since web3 NFT space got much more boring compare to the bull market, we do think by using treasury money to mirror the news from Now Pass and offer some good web3 news.

Price at Opensea (on 04/26): 0.08 eth.

  1. TGIG (Thanks Got It’s Ghost… and yes it’s a copycat from TGID but you know)
    We could have some kinds of radio-podcast style of information on MrMisang’s art update on phase two or some kinds of fan-based information based on the MrMisang’s art (you know, like with some raw idea speaking, Mr Misang could invite over some his favorite artist on web2 or web3 art industry). Some good planning needs to be happened over there, but you know, it’s just an idea right now.

Once I had a coffee chat with David with the D, he told me that discord server need to become some kinds of playground to the new-entered user. To do that, I do think some kinds of contents need to be distribute regularly to even let the others to enjoy.

Don’t hate on me on the ideation, it’s just an idea. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks for your opinion and ideas.

For the general people among us, ofcourse the GM and GN are just useless and I agree in a certain way it doesnt look well or pleasing as you mentioned.
However I also believe its important to say these things, just in case there might be someone who needs help to show which people are “available” to help them and feel more easier to reply to one of us. At least thats my motive to say GM or GN. Just to show that I am there in case someone needs me.

I agree with Davidd that the general chat doesnt need to be a playground.
In fact as you might know as well, we had a seperate section on discord called: playground however nothing really happend there. Eventho we created some activities.
The core problem as Tonyhan mentioned several times, is currently not anymore about the content or activities we should host or not. Its more that the community is silent.
This can be seen in the votes, forum activities and also discord.
To tackle this problem, we are hoping the new bounty program will give some fresh air.

Interesting. What about utilizing Mirror and produce contents under GhostsProject Name? It could be Web3 New curation or Art related news