Setting up mid-long term tasks based on our mission

Over time, many incidents have occurred both internally and externally. In order to determine the direction we should take moving forward, we intend to establish a mid-to-long term task based on our mission.

This is our mission and mid-long term tasks that I think we should be focused on. We would like to hear holder’s thoughts. Please feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you might have.

Mission(Expanding Ghosts Project’s universe)

  • Our ambition is to broaden the Ghosts Project’s universe by intensifying holders engagement and fostering proactive involvement from our current holders, thereby cultivating a vigorous and flourishing community.

Mid-Long Term Tasks

  1. Research other projects and forge partnerships

    • Examine other projects and businesses to gain valuable insights and identify best practices. Simultaneously, explore opportunities for strategic collaborations with other projects and companies.
  2. Archive Ghosts Project’s universe

    • This process not only ensure the preservation of all elements of our project but also allows easy access for both current and potential holders. Incorporate engaging narratives and multimedia elements to ensure holders experience.
  3. Integrate a Rewards System (Bounty Program)

    • Implement a reward system for active holders. Based on the reward system, we will continuously motivate existing holders to be more active and can attract new participants
  4. Enhance Communication Channels and Organize IRL events

    • Alongside enhancing our web3 communication platforms for regular and transparent interactions, organize IRL events to provide opportunities for holders to connect personally, strengthening the sense of community.
  5. Measurement and Improvement

    • Frequently evaluate and analyze the progress of our mission and mid-to-long term tasks based on key performance indicators(KPIs). Use metrics such as holder engagement rate, new holder rate, and feedback to identify what’s working and what isn’t. Use these insight to refine your strategies and maintain our path toward achieving our mission.

For all the Korean holder here is Korean Translation

시간이 지나면서 크립토 마켓 대내외적으로 많은 사건이 발생했습니다. 앞으로 우리가 나아가야 할 방향을 정하기 위해 미션을 기반으로 중장기 과제를 수립하고자 합니다.

아래 쓴 미션들은 저희가 집중해야 할 미션이자 중장기 미션이라고 생각합니다. 저희 (DAO 카운슬)은 홀더들의 의견을 듣고 싶으며, 자유롭게 아이디어와 의견을 공유해주시길 바랍니다.

미션 (고스트 프로젝트 유니버스의 확장)

  • 저희의 목표는 홀더들의 참여를 더 높히며, 현재 홀더들의 적극적인 참여를 유도하여 고스트 프로젝트 유니버스의 ㅅ계를 넓히고, 활기차며, 더 성대한 커뮤니티로 성장시키는겁니다.

중장기적인 미션

  1. 다른 프로젝트 조사 및 파트너십 구축
    다른 프로젝트와 비즈니스를 조사하여인사이트를 얻고 모범 사례를 파악할 예정입니다. 동시의 다른 프로젝트 및 회사와 전략적 협업 기회를 찾겠습니다.

  2. 고스트 프로젝트의 유니버스 아카이빙.
    이 아카이빙 프로세스는 프로젝트의 모든 요소를 유지할 뿐만 아니라, 현재 및 잠재적 홀더가 모두가 쉽게 액세스 할수 있도록 합니다. 홀더의 경험을 유지하기 위해 매력적인 내러티브와 멀티미디어 요소를 통합합니다.

  3. 보상 시스템 통합 (바운티 프로그램)
    활동을 하는 홀더에게 보상체계를 만들겠습니다. 보상쳬계를 통해 기존 홀더의 지속적인 활동 동기를 부여하고 신규 홀더를 유치할 수 있습니다.

  4. 커뮤니케이션 채널 강화 및 IRL 이벤트 개최
    Jung 기적이고 투명한 소통을 위해 웹 3.0 커뮤니티케이션 플랫폼을 더 강화도 하며, IRL 이벤트를 개최하여 보유자들ㅇ리 개인적으로 소통할 수 있는 기회를 제공하며 커뮤니티를 더 단단하게 만들겠습니다.

  5. 결과 측정 및 개선
    KPI를 기반으로 미션 및 중장기 과제의 진행 상황을 수시로 평과하며 분석하겠습니다. 수치는 홀더의 참여율, 새로운 홀더 유입 비율, 피드백 등의 지표를 사용하며 어떤 미션이 효과가 있었고, 무엇이 없었는지 파악할수 있다고 믿습니다. 위와 같은 인사이트를 활용하여 전략을 개선하고 미션을 달성하기 위해 미래 계획을 수정하겠습니다.

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My opinion.

  1. Research and Strategic Partnerships: To enhance our project, it is crucial to analyze the setbacks faced by entities to the DAO that we are researching, currently all those 'DAO’s are struggled to maintain NFT floor prices. Emphasizing on thorough research and forging strategic partnerships is essential. However, the projects under consideration by the DAO council need to effectively meet key performance indicators, such as user acquisition, which is currently underwhelming. For example, is Doodles 2 really going well with Doodles DAO going for it?

  2. Content Archiving and Prioritization: Content archiving, such as documenting fragments storyline and past events, can attract new users. However, the current volume of content may be limited. It is essential to assess the relevance of archiving at this stage and recalibrate its position in our mission hierarchy to ensure that the council’s focus remains on more pressing objectives.

  3. Rethinking the Bounty Program: The previous art contest showcased impressive contributions. However, the existing bounty program needs revamping to align with our primary goal of expanding the project’s universe. The program should be structured to incentivize active participation through tangible rewards. Ensuring transparency and fairness in the evaluation process is paramount. And really, ‘expanding’ the Ghosts Project Universe somehow should be the key point of the bounty’s program.

  4. Enhancing Community Engagement: While communication channels have improved, our community appears to be insular. The DAO council must foster an inclusive environment to encourage new members to actively engage. Facilitating diverse participation is vital to fulfilling our mission of fortifying community bonds.

My suggestion.

1. CC0 should be demolished.

As an artist, and someone who is working at artist industry. CC0 seems very bearish. Also, personally speaking what’s the point of getting the partnership while our project is CC0? They could just take the ghosts picture, and use in their project by just not using ‘Ghostsproject’ wording to it.

Copyright should be kept by the users, or even just belongs to team like RTFKT did before releasing their rights to hodlers. I just don’t see how will CC0 project could be able to get the partnership with other project, or even small web 2 company. They could just use it, and make profit for it. If the mid-longterm mission for one is forging the partnerships.

2. Art-art should not be the key factors of the ‘bounty program’

As i’ve seen our community goes for it, we’ve got too much of ‘art’ people getting rewards for it.I do understand art ain’t only limited to ‘drawing’. (I personally think my badge is art too :unamused: ) But previous bounty program, or main events held was too focused on art-art contest.

Art could be go to writing novels, making comic, or even making some dope motion picture, or even making ghosts as 3D. I do think that next ‘bounty program’ should be as open as possible with samples to it. Or even having separate voting session (like voting for art / voting for writing / voting for comic) could be an answer for this.

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I must gently disagree with the statement, ‘Current all DAOs are struggling to maintain NFT floor prices.’ While maintaining or improving the floor prices is important, the primary objective of a DAO is to fulfill its mission. For example, can we truly say that Doodles 2 / Doodles are underperforming solely due to the Doodles DAO?

We’ve made KPIs to make sure our councils and WGS are on track. The usage of KPIs and using KPIs for performance evaluations were two different matters, so we used KPIs internally. For example, one of our short-term objectives was to ensure that our floor price remained above our minting price. To pursuit of this goal, we have been actively engaged in buying up the floor pieces on the market.

While it is true that our current content volume might be limited, it doesn’t negate the necessity of archiving. Presently, we are utilizing the Mirror platform for this purpose, but our plan is to expand to other platforms and enhance the formality of our archiving process. Ultimately, we envision this evolving into a museum where all our content is displayed.
I concur with your view on the importance of maintaining the council’s focus on pressing objectives. we aspire to expand our universe by amplifying holders engagement. We believe this expansion should not be driven solely by the working groups and council but by a collective effort from all our holders.

The Bounty Program serves as a tool for gauging the activity levels of our holders. Art contest is just a part of the Bounty Program. As I previously mentioned, we firmly believe that our universe’s expansion should be driven by a collective effort from all our holders. This belief underpins our use of the Bounty Program, which we employ to align our KPIs with the goal of encouraging holder activity. We’ve been incentivizing active participation based on The Bounty Program through initiatives like “Office Hours”.

I concur with your view, that’s why we’ve been actively enhancing our communication channels and we are committed to creating a more open, transparent and engaging community for all our holders. To start with this idea, we launched “Hermes” so we can connected in-between Kakao-talk and Discord.
It is truly sad that the “Hermes” is no longer available due to the API issues.

Given that our DAO lacks a formal legal entity, utilizing CC0 has greatly facilitated our ability to form partnerships with other projects. For instance, we have recently established a collaboration with the PARAVESE, as they are interested not just in utilizing “images” but in fostering shared creativity.
In due course, we will have a presence in Gangnam within the PARAVERSE landscape, where we plan to launch new events.
I understand and appreciate your concern about how a CC0 project can form partnerships with other projects or even with smaller web 2.0 entities. Please be assured that we are working diligently to create a convincing use case that will help address and mitigate these concerns.

We acknowledge your concerns. we are open to altering the structure of our art contests or even considering whether these contests should be a part of our future initiatives. Our objective is to find the most efficient methods to continue expanding our universe.

Things are getting better. You guys should spread more ghosts. Right now, 70% are only Koreans.


I mean its just one of my feedback. Not trying to refute any kinds of long or mid-term mission made by councils. Its all my concerns and my thought only.
let’s see how other thinks too.

P.s. RIP hermes…

we are trying to find out the right way to spread our ghosts