Crypto Art Seoul Community Partnership Event

Title of the Proposal: Crypto Art Seoul Community Partnership Event

Category: Community Support & Decision

Kudos: Ghosts#959, onely

Abstract: Request for the budget to purchase CAS tickets for the community event.



  • This proposal is to celebrate our partnership with Crypto Art Seoul(CAS).
  • Mr. Misang is an official artist of Crypto Art Seoul(CAS). (There will be an exhibition and speaker session.)
  • The Ghosts Project community wants to cheer up this festival.
  • During KBW, there will be various people from globally. I hope Ghosts holders can enjoy and meet various people and arts through this event.

About Crypto Art Seoul(CAS)

Crypto Art Seoul is a two-day deep-dive and celebration of digital, media, and crypto art coming September 5 and 6.

Meet the key players shaping crypto art’s landscape — Pak, 6529, LuYang, Hackatao, Claire Silver, MrMisang, DADA Art, Vertical, Superchief Gallery, NFC, PROOF, NFT Rome, and many more.

During Day 1’s festivities, Mr.Chun’s production team will perform the "Korean traditional Tahl dance routine,” marking the event’s transition into the Undoxxed Party. In this masquerade, attendees can wear a traditional Korean Tahl mask to network without prejudice.

During Day 2, Korea’s first-generation avant-garde artist Sung Neungkyung and his 100 performers will grace Crypto Art Seoul with their widely beloved “Newspaper Reading” performance. Day 2 is expected to crescendo into its grand finale, “Frieze Seoul Gallery Night Program - Seoul Art Night,” co-hosted by Gallery Hyundai, Esther Schipper, Tokyo Gallery +BTAP, and more.

Timeline: 2023.08.28~2023.09.06 (Preparation ~ Event)

Ask: 0.31ETH (Full-Pass Tickets x3, 220,000 KRW each)

Accountability: Ghosts#959, onely


Yes: Agree with the budget support
No: Disagree with the budget support

  • Will be posting on the proposal(vote).
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