WG Meeting log 3/9 (Public)

Time : 3/9

Bounty Program

  • Double check the comments and feedbacks
  • Funds can stay at treasury once confrimed then allocated to the winners after the program
  • Need Galxe’s confimration → May contact BD
  • The most significant part will be attracting more particpants and measure whether the art related participation can fulfill the existence of GhostsProject DAO. Otherwise, we may look into different strategy such as making Ghosts represent the Korean Crypto Scene
  • List up artists community to contact

DAO Legal Entity Research

  • Can be done by end of March
  • Information about DAO Legal entity is very dispersed and hard to detect what’s correct info. Thus the research may be helpful for the community to understand what’s viable option for the future. This may not be the urgent at the current stage but will be a must in the future if DAO scales.
  • We may consider to vote on whether we will open source this research for other small DAOs.

WG/Council Reconstruction

  • We may come up with reconstruction plan of WG and Council
  • Each member is already fulfilling their duties but discussion on how we can improve the current structure would be helpful in terms of sustainability and prosperity of DAO
  • Coordinape can be one of the options but may not be applicable at current stage

NFT NYC - Capsule NFT

  • Transferred NFTs to Capsule NFT
  • May follow up during the NFT NYC
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where can i find the DAO research? i think this research can be very helpful for me

A bit delayed. Will officially announce it when ready!