GIP 25 : AI Skin by Breeder DAO x GhostsProject Partnership

Title of the Proposal : AI Skin by Breeder DAO x GhostsProject Partnership

Category: Community support & decision: Others

Kudos: Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959


This proposal is to initiate AI Skin by Breeder DAO and GhostsProject Partnership that allows people to instantly generate 3D NFT with 2D NFT with AI assistance.

GhostsProject will partner with AI Skin by Breede DAO and acquire full/exclusive benefit of it along with collaborative marketing.



About Breeder DAO

BreederDAO serves as the essential hub for creating high-quality gaming assets within the Metaverse. They focus on producing finely selected assets that offer maximal value for some of the most eminent guilds in the Metaverse, thereby significantly enhancing their play-to-earn models. All the tools used in generating assets are developed internally, built upon a robust fusion of in-depth gaming proficiency, data-backed analytics, and sophisticated modeling. BreederDAO is deeply devoted to arming the forthcoming billion players and is determined to be a fundamental support in the play-to-earn economic landscape.
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About AI Skin

Al Skins is a tool equipped with AI capabilities that empowers you to effortlessly generate 3D NFT artworks from a mere 2D image or NFT.

Starting with just a 3D model and a 2D image, Al Skins can conjure up multiple variations (in terms of print and form) of your design through AI, offering you a boundless spectrum of possibilities for the NFT you wish to craft.

The platform also provides users with the ability to mint their creations, democratizing the process and enabling anyone to be an autonomous 3D NFT creator. Additionally, users can explore and acquire published creations within the marketplace.

Benefit for GhostsProject

  • BreederDAO is one of the most prominent DAOs partnered with renowned communities, games, metaverses, and builders. Partnering with BreederDAO may allow GhostsProject to potentially expand the community and attract a wider audience.
  • Select GhostsProject Holders will have privilege of minting and publishing a creation for free. This will foster GhostsProject community to utilize AI Skin at its maximum benefit by creating diverse 3D Assets.
  • GhostsProject branded 3D assets can expand the utility of the project into the realms of AR, metaverses, phygital merchandise, and game integrations.


  • Announce the Parternship and initiate co-marketing.

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Accountability: Ghosts#1014, Davidd#2959


Yes - accept the collaboration

No - reject the collaboration