Discussion : Buy Art NFT in order to expand Fragments + Investing for financial return

As we have seen from the case of Mr.One day who is the one of the most dedicating holders from community expanding the story of Fragments, the core and origin of GhostsProject world, I think expanding the stories further and creating environment where this expansion can be fostered could be one of the core missions of our DAO.

In order to accelerate the captivating narrative of " Expanding Fragments," again which entails the birth of ghosts portrayed in 10,000 unique art pieces, I propose that we consider a two-fold strategy: purchasing NFT art and investing in crypto assets.

1. NFT Art Acquisition:

Our DAO can benefit from acquiring NFT art pieces for the following reasons:

  • Copyright and Collaborative Expansion: Purchasing NFT art could grant us copyright and licensing rights, enabling us to create derivative works that expand the “Fragments” story (here us means anyone who is willing to expand Fragments, then they can use artwork that DAO owns for derivative creation). This type of collaborative endeavors with artists can lead to new, engaging content that keeps our audience engaged.
  • Foster “Art” Community Engagement: I believe essence of GhostsProject DAO always has been art and artists but due to the various reasons there has been lack of clear motivation/catalyst to form bond and consensus on “Art-Focused DAO”. Under the goal of expanding Fragments and by onboarding/collaborating with NFT artists and involving them in our journey, we can build solid foundation to be Art based community that using DAO as the core organizational structure that makes whole process permissionless and decentralized.

2. Crypto Asset Investment:

Even though we are not investment DAO, I think finding opportunity in the market where DAO can acquire more financial abundance in order to reinvest to expand for expansion of fragments could be worth but also controversial topic to discuss; what’s the criteria of choosing assets to invest and when to liquidate + more has to be discussed.

  • Long-Term Sustainability: Crypto investments, when managed effectively, can generate long-term financial alpha for DAO that can be reinvested in expanding Fragments such as rebranding the Fragments page or support dedicating artists. It can provide a stable financial foundation to support our art acquisition and creation efforts.
  • Diversification of Assets: One of the prominent example that diversification of assets matter was USDC depegg case where many DAO has to go emergency proposal to convert some portion of USDC into BTC or UDST in order to mitigate risk.
    Expanding our portfolio to include crypto assets diversifies DAO holdings mitigates such risk.
    *Not saying this is required at the moment for DAO but expecting our DAO to expand, specific method of last resort of protecting DAO assets by mitigating risk should be discussed at some point.

Incorporating both NFT art acquisition and crypto asset investment into our strategy can serve as a winning combination. This approach not only facilitates the expansion of “Fragments” through creative collaborations but also can bring the financial sustainability of our DAO; which eventually could create virtous cycle of expanding Fragments further.

By embarking on this multifaceted journey, we can enrich our community, maintain our art-focused mission, and secure the future of the Fragments Art DAO. I encourage all members to engage in this discussion, share their thoughts, and collectively shape the future of our DAO.

Love to hear what you guys think! Open to discuss and build structure of how we can expand this idea further


I thinks this is a great way to start expanding relationship between GP and various artists. If we have collected at least one art from artists, it would be way easier to communicate with them.


It’s great. We are excited to grow this project through art and investment. It’s great. ,I love the ghost community, And thank you for giving me the opportunity. Hopefully in the future I will be famous as a big artist like Mr.Misang.

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