GhostX's Music creation support

Title of the Proposal: GhostX’s Music creation support

Category : Community support & decision : Art creation & support

Kudos : Ghosts#8868, GhostX#4447


Request for dao’s financial support to cover the cost of producing the two single albums and artworks


GhostX wants to ask for dao’s support for the cost of producing the two single albums and artworks, which will be produced from August to September. GhostX has supported GhostsProject through music activities since April. So far, 16 Ghostbuskers performances have been performed and 1 digital single/NFT album Night Tribe, is released.

GhostX’s Music is a creation that embraces and expands the worldview of Mr.Misang’s Ghost Project.
These secondary creations united the members of the project and served as an opportunity to take the project to the next level. It will also be a starting point for more creations to be produced. Ghostx will prepare additional albums and plan performances for IRL events (concerts, Web2 mini-busking) that users such as YGY and Cochang Exhibition, which started with secondary creations, and will try to make the plans a reality as soon as possible. Ghost X will also work on promotions to make Ghost projects more widely known to WEB2 through their released albums (promotions through distributors, YouTube playlist promotions, promotions linked to other projects, giveaway promotions, etc.)

So, GhostX asks for financial support to continue musical activities in the future. GhostX promises that the funds will be used only for music creation.

Detail use of support expenses

  1. Mixing: kokosound
    Cost $760
  2. Vocal Tune: koko sound
    Cost $114
  3. Mastering: 821 sound
    Cost $114
  4. Artwork
    Artwork: dorodaro
    Cost $304

$1,292USD Per 1song x 2 = $2584

The released album can be used as the official OST of the Ghost Project. The credits of the album will include the phrase that they were produced with the support of Ghosts Project Dao. Each album will be released as NFT in a limited quantity of 20 at the same time as the release in the all-music streaming platforms. They won’t be used to generate personal profits. All NFTs released with the support of dao will be utilized through events by GhostsProject or Ghostbuskers. The amount generated from the secondary transaction of NFT issued with the support of dao will be returned to dao’s treasury. The details of the use of the funds will be transparently disclosed to the community.


Disclosure of support fund details

  1. Request to open a channel for sharing usage details
  2. Record and submit support amount cashing transaction details
  3. Submission of work expense receipt
  4. Return surplus from support amount to the Treasury
  5. Disclosure of the use details and data of the subsidy so that Dao members can check it

Timeline :
August to September : Production process
September to October : Release

Ask: 2,584 USDC

Accountability: GhostX#4447

Yes: Approve financial support
No: Reject financial support


I think it will be great if we can have approximate estimation of how much DAO can expect to have in return to Treasury by expensing $2,854. Numerical value is not everything since there are more qualitative value that can be acquired from music but numbers are something that can give DAO more vivid image of how the result will look like when money is expensed.


One of the options Is sharing the expense details and attach necessary files into this proposal if passed.


yayyyy :heart_eyes: I couln’t agree more. luv u X


I think it’s essential, I’ll edit it to reflect the content

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I thought a lot about it.
I feel like I want to contribute to the treasury by making profits as much as Dao supported me or more.
But I’m still an independent artist and honestly, I don’t think I’m in a situation where I can make enough money from music.
Therefore, I don’t think I can carry out the part you suggested.
Instead, I promise you that I will do my best to promote the creations that were created with support and to secure the users and artists that flow into the project.
I will not forget the support and grow up to give back as much as I received in the near future. I promise.

This content is rather emotional, and may not be a reasonable suggestion. I know there are people who are against it. So I accept any suggestion

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thank you always Holcho :blush: