About the Returned category

When proposals are returned for certain reason, it will be moved to this category.
If the proposal is returned, the proponent should resubmit the proposal at the Ideation category with an update.

When resubmitting the proposal, tag [Resubmission] in front of the title.

DAO Working Group must provide a clear explanation why it has been returned. Reasons for returned proposal may include but not limited to:

  • Proposal not aligned with the GhostsProject DAO’s vision and sustainability.
  • Need clarification of the proposal contents (Rational, ask, accountability, etc…)
  • Violation of the law, suspicious fraudulent action or misleading information
  • Conflicts with another proposal

:bulb: Conflict between Proposals

If the proposal directly conflicts with a proposal which is currently up for vote, the proposal submitted afterward should not go for a vote until a decision is made to prevent the opposite outcome.
The proposal that directly conflicts with the approved proposal cannot go to vote for three months after the approved proposal has been implemented.