Weekly Meetings 2023/05/15

Weekly Meetings

  • Time : 2023 - 05 - 15
  • Meeting Member :
    Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Lovewelchs, JM

DAO Voting in Progress

  • N/A

Post-voting Process

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WIP (Work In Progress)

WG & Council Last Week WIP This Week WIP
Onely working on writing Korean version of “Ghosts Project” notion page - creating a Ghoference recap deck to recruit Ghoference 3 speakers - Participating in a RVDO CBT
RooRuuRii - drafted a proposal to integrate kakaotalk with discord - create and publish “Bounty Program” participation guide ver 2.0 - Integration will be completed this week
Lovewelchs uploading Ghoference videos uploading Mirror contents
Tonyhan working on identify DAO’s mission and tasks under this circumstance working on identify DAO’s mission and tasks under this circumstance
Davidd - Discussed RVDO BETA (CBT will be available for holders and partnership projects) check if it is okay to share the participation video on Twitter to promote it (planning on making an event for RVDO official launch) - Pudgy Penguin research (what path they are taking and how they are doing it. What direction Ghost can take as an IP business based on this) and publish it on Mirror. - Ongoing bounty promotion - Participate in RVDO CBT and promote it - ongoing Pudgy Penguin research - ongoing Bounty Program promotion - reorganizing a discord (deleting and hiding unnecessary channels)
JM - Snapshot Data Update - Promoting Bounty Program - Bounty Program Operation - Promoting Bounty Program

Ideation 및 기타 논의

  • Currently 5 artists submitted
  • Creating retention for whom submit their art for the Bounty Program