Weekly Meeting 2024/02/25

Weekly Meeting

  • Time : 2024/02/25
  • Meeting Member : Davidd, Onely, RooRuuRii, Tonyhan

Meeting Log

We are currently working on two proposals

  1. Website development and artist collaboration
    Website development is in progress.
  2. Buyback
    Onely is expected to complete his stake buyback by the end of February
  3. Monthly Documents
    Firstly, Tonyhan has taken on the task of presenting a buyback recap as this month’s content. There’s a need for discussion on whether Tonyhan should handle similar monthly content initiatives or if we should rotate this responsibility among other members. It would be more beneficial to share perspectives by rotating the task rather than having one person monopolize it.
    Others are also in the process of creating content that could be executed monthly
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